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Every student is unique. Learning paths should be too.

Differentiate instruction at scale with personalized math and reading programs to accelerate learning.
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DreamBox Math

DreamBox Math

DreamBox Math has everything students need to build confidence and competence. Students in the US averaged 1.58 grade levels of math growth. Ready to see yours soar too?
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DreamBox Reading

DreamBox Reading

DreamBox's online K-12 reading solution improves silent reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and motivation for all students. Yield rapid results for your district too.

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Truly adaptive learning gives student confidence and competence

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Empower educators through continuous learning and strengthen instructional practice to ensure a successful implementation.
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Take instructional practice to the next level
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Smart insights to drive success for everyone

Real-time, actionable data empowers educators to track DreamBox's impact on student outcomes and personalize learning.
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Bring DreamBox math and reading programs to your district, and ensure your students start the year right.  

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While national test scores decreased, DreamBox students excelled

In 2022, NCES conducted a special NAEP reading and mathematics assessment to explore student achievement during COVID-19. Reading scores had the highest declines in decades, and math scores declined for the first time ever. Despite recent challenges, research conducted before, during, and after school closures indicates DreamBox programs prevented learning loss.
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Most tested, least taught: What is silent reading fluency and how can educators help students master this critical skill?


DreamBox Math and Reading - Intelligent Adaptive Learning

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