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Brianna used to feel lost in the group. With DreamBox, she figures out solutions in her own way. She gets to her level and has fun doing it. And that’s a #DreamBoxMathVictory.

Reading Plus & Squiggle Park are part of the DreamBox family!

We are excited to bring together these established and trusted companies, our industry-leading products, and our mission-driven team members to offer the only dual-discipline solution where both products have achieved the highest ESSA “STRONG” rating by Johns Hopkins University.

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Welcome to DreamBox Math!

DreamBox is a K-8 digital math program designed to complement your math curriculum this back-to-school season. Our rigorous and interactive lessons adapt to each student, providing the ultimate personalized learning experience. Available in English and Spanish!

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DreamBox accelerates learning by intelligently adapting to each students’ needs in real-time

Back-to-school with DreamBox K-8 Math means having the only digital math solution designed to intelligently adapt to students’ abilities in the moment, so they are both supported and challenged regardless of starting point. Teachers say having DreamBox is like having a teaching assistant in their classroom.

Raise student achievement and deepen math understanding this fall

DreamBox is the only math solution that adapts not only based on students’ answers, but also based on how they’re solving problems. DreamBox knows how students are solving problems because our innovative virtual manipulatives and games were designed for students to solve problems in different ways that make sense to them. Students averaging 5+ lessons a week increase math proficiency 60% according to a Harvard University study.

Go back to school this fall with more actionable insights into student proficiency

DreamBox Learning is an intelligently adaptive, online K-8 math program that’s like having a teaching assistant in your classroom. Our Insight Dashboard provides you with formative, summative and predictive reports so you always know where your students are, how DreamBox is helping them grow, and how you can help even more.

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Put your child in the driver’s seat of their own learning journey

DreamBox Learning is a personalized, online K-8 math program designed to complement your child’s classroom math curriculum. Used by 5 million kids across the U.S., DreamBox has the highest rating by Common Sense Media and gives your child lifelong confidence in math. It’s serious learning that’s seriously fun!

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Prep for Back-to-School

Our new workbooks for administrators and teachers will help you plan for back-to-school with SMART goals, new best practices, and a list of to-do’s just waiting to be checked off.

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On-Demand Video Series

Why real-world math problems aren’t always engaging for students – Watch On-Demand Video Now

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Chloe worried she had fallen behind her classmates. Now she blazes her own trail. DreamBox Math identified and filled gaps in her understanding and built her confidence as a mathematician. Chloe went from remediation to above grade level content in just one school year. And that’s a #DreamBoxMathVictory.

Predict student proficiency - no testing required

DreamBox Predictive Insights for K-5 is an innovative new reporting tool that can predict future proficiency for year-end state math assessments throughout the school year. Gain a deeper understanding of where students are at and get NEW Lesson Recommendations to assign and fill learning gaps. Teachers can use this data to form small groups of students needing practice in the same areas.

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What’s New for Back-to-School 2021

DreamBox Math has new lessons, social-emotional learning features, inclusive avatars and reporting capabilities to support students and educators this back-to-school season.

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Insight Dashboard gives actionable data at your fingertips

With DreamBox Math, students are evaluated throughout their learning process. The same continuous formative assessment that delivers personalization of path, pace, and sequence for every learner also captures the instructional insights and learning data needed to make informed decisions about instruction and instructional programming.

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See the DreamBox difference in action

Over 2,300 engaging, standards-aligned lessons in English and Spanish that are proven to build problem-solving strategies, hone critical-thinking skills, and develop math fluency.

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Teachers have been working harder than ever. DreamBox eases the workload while kids learn and grow. In fact, just one hour of DreamBox Math a week increases students’ math scores by 60%. Everyone thrives — it’s a #DreamBoxMathVictory.