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There are only so many hours in a day, and evaluating technology in the age of ESSA can quickly spiral out of control and become a full-time job for leaders tasked with investing in evidence-based solutions for their district. Simply

DreamBox Learning visuals help to "organize" math thinking

We asked DreamBox Nation member Amy Crisp from Johnnycake Corners Elementary in Ohio to share why she uses DreamBox in her classroom. A veteran DreamBox user and STEM facilitator, Amy gave us the top seven reasons she’s a DreamBox devotee:

Education played a significant role in last year’s election, most notably in how researchers, media and others used level of education as a proxy for how certain voters would cast their votes. College-educated. Less educated. Some college. No college. When

Using data-enabled learning to deliver personalization at scale Adaptive learning is a mindset. It enables us to respond positively to change and supports dynamic growth through iterative adjustment. Harvard Business Review deems adaptivity to be a competitive advantage for success

Picture a typical American grade school classroom with 35 students. You will see advanced learners, several recent immigrants, and a child who has just moved from another state in the middle of the school year—all of them individuals with different