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French philosopher, author, and journalist Albert Camus once said, “Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.” This year, as we observe our relatively young democracy’s 242nd year of declared independence, it’s worth reflecting on what it really means

July is a little like the Wednesday of months. It’s the midpoint of the working year for adults and learning guardians and the midpoint of summer break for kids. However, unlike Wednesday, for many of us July is actually the

Research indicates that an educator’s knowledge of the subject of mathematics, and understanding of methods to teach the various concepts, can improve student achievement. Yet, despite its critical importance to student growth, there are significant challenges to successfully implementing and

The Fort Sam Houston Independent School District (FSH ISD) is located entirely on the Fort Sam Houston Army Post in northeast San Antonio, Texas. This public district serves the children of military personnel living on the base, which right now

Last week, in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Month, we posted a series of questions to blog readers and members of DreamBox Nation to get you thinking about the people or things that inspired you to pursue a career in education.