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In 1985, actress Sally Fields delivered one of the most-quoted (and often misquoted) Oscar acceptance speeches of all time. After recounting that, more than anything else, she wanted the respect of her peers, Fields gushed, “You like me … you

By now DreamBox blog readers, conference attendees, and members of DreamBox Nation have heard the buzz about an exciting, new, self-paced professional development program that corresponds directly to what students are learning in the classroom. Today, the promise of truly

We are continuously innovating and working hard to create a stellar experience for our administrators, teachers, students and families. From on demand PD based on student achievement to streamlined navigation and resources, there are several enhancements to the DreamBox Insight

According to financial journalist Monica Mehta, “the more times you succeed at something, the longer your brain stores the information that allowed you to do so well in the first place.” If that’s true—and Mehta has neuroscience and researchers at

Five years ago, the good folks at Miriam Webster added the phrase “aha moment” to the 2012 edition of their dictionary. They credited Oprah Winfrey with coining and popularizing the expression, which they define as “a moment of sudden realization,