• jisela

    Where do you login for our kids

  • jennifer

    how do you sign in as a kid

  • AdaptiveLearning

    Hi, Jennifer! Please read this article on our support and help portal: http://help.dreambox.com/customer/portal/articles/655250

  • Isleen

    I’m on my laptop and when I get into the child login it says “You cannot login at this address”. What’s going on?

  • susan bellamy

    how do I get my child started?

  • yusuf isaacs

    how can i login if im in hardy and ima kid

  • dinh vong


  • I can’t count the number of times my kid has asked to use Dreambox and I’ve been unable to log him on. Relying on the school sending something home is nuts, both because schools are terrible communicators and because there’s no way to retrieve lost login information.

    The links in your comments don’t help, either. There is no “School Plus Home” portion of that article that I can find, and no other useful information, either. I cannot get my child logged on.

    I know you must want kids to use Dreambox, but the UI certainly doesn’t reflect that.