• Inspired design inspires success.

    What makes a great learning environment? A great teacher. That’s why we’ve modeled DreamBox Learning Math with the attentive, adaptive, and engaging characteristics that make you so wonderful.

    “Our teachers know that each student is getting exactly what they need at the time they need it.”

    —Katie LaMott, Math Support Specialist, Cherry Knoll Elementary, Traverse City, Michigan


  • Overview

    Adaptive, rigorous, and engaging so students love learning math.

    We know students can and do love math when they are engaged and inspired. We work with teachers and experienced curriculum designers to create an easy-to-implement solution that allows you to do more in the classroom–even if your class sizes are growing. You can evolve and customize the learning to meet each student right where they are–whether they are struggling, advanced, or at grade level–so they can progress. It’s like having a teaching assistant for every student in your classroom. 

    Student Progress Reports

    DreamBox provides up-to-date student usage and progress reports so educators know students are succeeding. Student proficiency reports help teachers in making instructional decisions, measure student progress against the Common Core State Standards, and group students by proficiency.

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    True intervention support.

    Children in one class often come from many backgrounds. English Language Learners. Kids without much parental support. Kids with special needs. As one teacher guiding many students, how can you reach and teach them all? DreamBox Learning Math differentiates lessons in the way you would like to. And because you can see exactly how your students are progressing, it’s easier to provide intervention support and provide the equal access to opportunity they deserve. 

    Research-based intervention

    • Effective RtI/MTSS support at each Tier
    • Hands-on learning with virtual manipulatives
    • Differentiated instruction by design

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    Above grade level students find challenge and excitement.

    For students who would welcome more challenges in their math learning DreamBox provides ‘just right’ differentiated instruction that motivates students to persist, progress, and achieve. And because DreamBox sets the pace for advanced students ready for higher level math practice, they feel empowered to discover an even deeper understanding of critical math concepts.  

    ‘Just right’ differentiation

    • Empowering, competency-based 
    • Embedded formative assessments 
    • Motivating and engaging for advanced students 

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    Math for ELL

    English Language Learners boost math achievement.

    DreamBox Learning’s interactive lessons are visual and hands-on, helping students develop a strong sense for numbers. These lessons provide the “comprehensible input” ELL educators know is needed to help their students build a strong foundation with the language of math.

    Standard assessments often can’t determine Ells’ true math knowledge: do their scores reflect a lack of math knowledge or a lack of math language? With Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology each student receives the right next lesson, at the right level of difficulty, at the right time.  

    Meeting challenges and closing gaps

    • Ongoing formative assessment
    • Deep personalization for learner support
    • Detailed progress reports to inform planning and guidance

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    DreamBox Learning Math Pricing for Schools and Districts.

    School Site License & District Pricing:       Call 1-877-451-7845 for details

    Student Subscription (25 minimum):          $25 per student/year

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    • Fax purchase order and accounts payable contact information to: 425-484-6476.
    • For help or pay by credit card: 1-877-451-7845 (weekdays, 6 AM to 5 PM, Pacific Time)

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