Elementary math students above grade level find challenge and excitement

For students who would welcome more challenges in their elementary math school learning at home or school, DreamBox Learning© provides ‘just right’ differentiated instruction that motivates them to persist, progress, and achieve. And because the system sets the pace for advanced students ready for higher level math practice, they feel empowered to discover an even deeper understanding of critical math concepts whether they are learning on desktop, laptop, or on iPad®.

A look inside the DreamBox experience


While some students and parents have said that working with DreamBox Learning Math is like have an ‘online elementary math tutor,’ the experience is so much more. Highly personalized and effective interaction is possible because of Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ a patented adaptive technology that intervenes at the precise point of learning. It keeps a broad range of learners, from struggling to advanced, in their optimal learning zone. It’s a deeply personalized math experience that differentiates content, pace, and sequence for the highest levels of student achievement. While other programs offer a single path with faster-or-slower pacing, our embedded formative assessments enable dynamic, individualized learning paths; millions of pathways with the right lessons, level of difficulty, tools, scaffolding, and more.

Support for developing reasoning and problem solving

Enrichment activities that are not part of a typical elementary classroom curriculum keep advanced students motivated and engaged. The puzzles in DreamBox help students develop problem-solving skills and strategies within a game-like environment. As students adapt and modify their strategy, elements of the puzzles change – but the fun built into DreamBox never does.

A rigorous curriculum tailored to each student's needs

DreamBox Learning deepens students' mathematical thinking skills and better prepares them for higher-level mathematics. Our rigorous curriculum with over 1200 lessons is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and other standards for a solid foundation in Number and Operations, Place Value, and Number Sense.

Easy to implement and use

Flexible student licensing, simple account set-up and web-based access make DreamBox Learning easy to implement for math enrichment at home or school.