Numbers to beat

Highest Total Lessons: 8,832

Highest Average Lessons: 48.9

A BIG Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winners!

Highest Total Lessons: A 3rd Grade class in Abner Creek Academy (SC) completed an astounding total of 8,832 lessons for the month of March!

Highest Average Lessons: A 6th Grade class in Eagle Heights Public School (ON) averaged a total of 48.9 lessons per student!

Persistence Pays Off Raffle: Persistence paid off for a 2nd grade class in Burr Elementary School (MA), they qualified for the raffle the 3rd week of the Math Challenge!

Stay tuned for more fun math competitions throughout the year! In the meantime, keep your math learning momentum going by utilizing these Summer Math Learning Resources!

Grand Prize Categories

Highest Average Lessons, Highest Total Lessons, & Persistence Pays Off Drawing.


5 iPads

Virtual 'Meet & Greet' with DreamBox creators

Virtual ‘Meet & Greet’ with DreamBox creators

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$100 DreamBox Party


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