Student Reports

Robust academic data reports, in real time

Specific, actionable, and intuitive

Reporting and analyzing multiple views of student progress

DreamBox provides a robust set of real-time academic progress reports that give teachers, parents and administrators insight into how an individual student is progressing. DreamBox student reports are easy to understand, give teachers support for making instructional decisions, and provide details on student comprehension to share with parents, other teachers and administrators. You’ll get actionable data on:

  • Each student’s prior knowledge when they began using DreamBox
  • Math concepts and strategies a student has learned while using DreamBox
  • When students may need additional assistance
  • The effectiveness of DreamBox over time

Analyze multiple views of progress for every student

To ensure teachers have accurate in real time, insight into how students are progressing, DreamBox student reports display multiple views of student progress with:

  • A student’s proficiency by concept
  • Specific proficiency reporting for Common Core, Texas, Virginia, Ontario, and the Western & Northern Canadian Protocol
  • An academic progress report detailing concept-level comprehension and progress for each student
  • Detail reports allowing you to drill down and see which units a student has passed in a unit pretest, has completed in the curriculum, is currently working on, or has yet to begin
  • Weekly reports that can be used to inform a Response to Intervention framework

Parents: Reinforce the home-school connection by sharing information on the academic progress their children are making in DreamBox. You can also invite parents to try DreamBox at home and offer them free parent education resources.