Academic experts agree that DreamBox is effective adaptive instruction


“I chose to use DreamBox over consumable workbooks. I cannot tell you how happy I am. My students have become better problem solvers, and I have seen all abilities benefit from DreamBox. I have been able to share with parents how their students are doing and any areas of concern.”
— Erica Steele, 2nd grade teacher, Spring Garden Elementary School

Laura Hunovice on Differentiated instruction for all learners
“I was so excited by what I saw because the kids were really engaged… they have an enthusiasm for math that I hadn’t seen with them before”
— Laura Hunovice, Math Resource Teacher, Carroll County, MD

“I’ve turned down many, many programs because they hadn’t got the math right, but you do!”
— Francine Roy, Ph.D., Mathematics Education Consulting, Fall River Public Schools, Massachusetts

“DreamBox Learning Math is unique in the way it allows students to engage in rigorous quantitative reasoning to gain a profound understanding of number.”
— Administrator, Kentucky

“DreamBox Learning Math provides outstanding differentiated instruction, adapting in a wide variety of ways to give students a better learning experience.”
— John Bransford, James W. Mifflin University Professor of Education and Psychology, University of Washington, and Director of the LIFE Center

Skip Fennell on Common Core
“Common Core and what DreamBox is doing are glove in hand fit; I see that as important.”
— Francis (Skip) Fennell, Ph.D., Professor of Education, McDaniel College, and Past President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

“In independent research, there was a 19% average increase in assessment test scores after only 4 hours.”
— Dr. Margaret Jorgensen, Harcourt Assessment (retired), SVP

“The software was engaging, met the individual needs of a variety of learners with differing current math skills, and had a built-in assessment tool to continually modify the questions and lessons.”
— Jennifer Benson, principal, Clyde Hill Elementary School

“It's one best tools we've seen for differentiation and really allows students to spend the time they need on the mathematical concepts they're working on.”
— Aaron Wills, Principal, Claymont Elementary

“The visual demonstration of math concepts embedded into a game setting are extremely motivating and an effective method to increase student achievement.”
— Pam Barnette, 1st grade teacher, Pride Elementary

“I also use the reporting in DreamBox as a teaching tool. If I see that many of my students are doing well on DreamBox in addition and subtraction but behind on comparison and ordering I can adjust my lesson plans and class discussions to reinforce specific concepts.”
— Anna Bohman, kindergarten teacher, Clyde Hill Elementary

“I rely on DreamBox to keep my advanced math students interested and challenged. It’s also a great program for my students who are not as advanced in the classroom because the program is auditory and visual and will repeat lessons and concepts as needed. As a teacher I love that DreamBox is really teaching mathematical thinking.”
— Marie Hewitt, kindergarten teacher, Norman Rockwell Elementary

“I also appreciate the ability to monitor my students’ progress and know that the games they are playing are individualized to their specific learning needs.”
— Amy Kerby, kindergarten teacher, Island Park Elementary School

“They beg for more time with the program and I see both of them strengthening their math skills, while having fun.”
— Laura Spota, 1st grade teacher, Greenville Elementary

“I was really interested in using DreamBox Learning Math with my first grade class because of its ability to adapt to each individual student’s level. This program challenges each child whether they need remediation or need more advanced work.”
— Lisa Niva, 1st grade teacher, Wade King Elementary


Math coaches on DreamBox Learning for intervention
“We use dynamic assessment in our intervention efforts, so based on what a student does in a problem we adjust the complexity of the problem. DreamBox is the same way instructionally. A particular activity is presented. Then, based on how the student responds, it either ratchets up a little more difficulty, or it will scale back to a less sophisticated task until it finds the just right instruction in their zone of proximal development.”
— Pamela D. Tabor, Ph. D. Math Specialist, Researcher for the Kentucky Center for Mathematics, and Co-author of “Developing Number Knowledge with 7- to 11-year olds”

“Our school system was looking for an intervention program we could use as a resource for the teachers, especially in the area of number sense. Students have responded positively to DreamBox. When students see me in the hallway, they say, ‘do we get to do DreamBox today?’ – they don’t just think of it as math, they think of it as fun! Yet we know they’re learning math as they’re doing that.”
— Carolyn Phillips, Math Resource Teacher, Carroll County, MD

“I have been very impressed with the DreamBox math program. Along with supporting Numeracy concepts, it is very user friendly and that is vitally important when every minute counts!”
— Beth Miracle Meiman, mathematics intervention teacher, Eastern Elementary

“I just completed a four week summer school course for students struggling in mathematics. This is not an average computer math game. This is innovative, engaging and meaningful math that I look forward to using again.”
— Emilie Grimi, Math Specialist, Parkway School District

“These students have been identified as struggling or below grade level in the area of math and I feel that your program will be a good investment for my students.”
— Carrie Gary, Mathematics Intervention Teacher, Shepherdsville Elementary

“My highly capable students as well as my struggling students have been equally excited and engaged in the activities and games that DreamBox Learning offers.”
— Mary Kay Weinmeister, 2nd grade teacher, Norman Rockwell Elementary


“My five year old princess HATED math. She loved stories and fairytales, not yucky number stuff. With no money for preschool, I wanted to try an alternative method ... DreamBox. After the free trial, I knew my little girl was hooked, especially after she saw her first fairy. 107 hours and 237 lessons later, my little five year princess now kicks some serious math butt. And she’s not even in kindergarten yet.”
— Ben M., father of a pre-schooler

“My son’s learning math and doesn’t realize it — he just thinks it’s fun.”
— LeAnn H., mother of a kindergartener

“I like that DreamBox covers both standard academic and educational lessons but also utilizes elegant problem solving.”
— Shawn S., father of a 1st grader

“And I really appreciate the emails on the academic milestones my son’s achieved.”
— Felicia S., mother of a 3rd grader

“It is an important way to solidify learning important math building blocks and I recommend DreamBox to my friends.”
— Nick, father of a kindergartner and 1st grader

“My son has even devised basic multiplication and division using logic he developed playing your games.”
— Kris W., father of a pre-kindergartner

“DreamBox stands out compared to even good online educational sites because of the way it gradually progresses, compared to most other sites which are static.”
— Paul H., father of a pre-kindergartner and 1st grader

“Both of my children ask to play DreamBox and I haven’t heard about anything else on the computer since we started.”
— Michele N., mother of a pre-kindergartner and a 2nd grader

“I do limit my son’s computer time, but not when it comes to DreamBox.”
— Jingjing T., mother of a 1st grader

“I have recommended DreamBox to other parents because I see it pushing my daughter along in her math skills.”
— Jean L., mother of a 1st grader

“It is unlike any other educational game he has played … and he has learned quite a bit after playing DreamBox.”
— Sujatha M., mother of a pre-kindergartner

“The update emails and Parent Dashboard got me more hooked and eager to continue and chart my child’s progress.”
— Lisa W., mother of a kindergartner and pre-kindergartner

“I like that he is playing math games and solving problems with DreamBox instead of spending that same time watching TV.”
— Arvind J., father of a 1st grader

“I just wanted to let you know that DreamBox is a big hit at our home.”
— Vickie S., mother of a pre-kindergartner and a 1st grader

“I like the Parent Dashboard because it’s easy to see progress.”
— Shawn H., father of a 1st grader

“I love that it makes him think and problem solve.”
— Esther B., mother of a kindergartner