Every child can think like a mathematician.

DreamBox Learning© Math empowers students to master the key concepts of elementary math, increase achievement, accelerate student learning, and boost long-lasting confidence. All kids—even struggling students—can become mathematicians within our competency-based, intelligently adaptive online math learning environment at school or at home.


DreamBox drives math achievement with three essential elements

Rigorous math curriculum supports new standards

  • PreK-Grade 5 elementary math strengthens Common Core State Standards, as well as other state and Canadian standards.
  • Presents highest quality of math lessons and pedagogy.
  • Enhances and deepens students’ foundational understanding of core math concepts.
  • Accelerates learning, increases achievement, and cultivates strategic problem solving with math learning that connects to coming assessments. It’s a curriculum that effectively builds conceptual understanding and fluency. Lessons are aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Math and Standards for Mathematical Practice, as well as the TEKS, SOL, WNCP, and the Ontario curriculum standards.

With math learning that connects to coming assessments, it’s a curriculum that effectively builds conceptual understanding and fluency. Lessons are aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Math and Standards for Mathematical Practice, and the TEKS, SOL, WNCP and the Ontario curriculum standards.

Comprehensive reporting tools at the district and school level track student proficiency and progress against CCSS, TEKS, SOL, WNCP, and the Ontario curriculum, and let you know the level of student readiness for coming assessments. 

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“At the heart of the Common Core elementary curriculum is a deep understanding of the concepts that drive place value, whole number operations and operations with fractions and that is also at the heart of DreamBox.”

—Francis (Skip) Fennell, Ph.D., Professor of Education, McDaniel College, Past President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Actionable reporting DreamBox Learning Math has a variety of actionable and current reports at the student, classroom, and administrator level to empower educators with the data needed to inform instruction and meet standards.

Review how DreamBox lessons and reporting align to the Common Core.

Take a look at how DreamBox assesses and evaluates proficiency.

Read more about DreamBox and CCSSM and other standards support

Intelligent Adaptive Learning guides and keeps students in their optimal learning zone

  • Seamlessly integrates instruction with assessment.
  • Adapts within and between lessons in real-time.
  • Deeply personalized learning experience for every type of student -- the right next lesson at the right level of difficulty at the right time.
  • Supports and empowers teachers with current student progress data to set and meet goals and state standards.
  • Complements all learning models.

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With the power to deliver millions of individualized learning paths, DreamBox can tailor every math lesson to meet a student’s unique need. The DreamBox adaptive online learning environment ensures that students work in their optimal learning zone. It recognizes more than just their ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers—with every click of the mouse, it evaluates student strategies and immediately adjusts the lesson. DreamBox can adapt the level of difficulty, scaffolding, sequencing, and the number of hints, the pacing—all in real-time—allowing students of all levels to progress at a pace that suits them. 

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Zone of Proximal developing focused teaching

The Zone of Proximal Development One of the main reasons DreamBox and Intelligent Adaptive Learning technology is so effective is that it accesses and stays in the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) for each learner—for the right next lesson at the right level of difficulty at the right time .

Always ‘just right’  When work is easy, learners can do the work on their own without any help. It’s in their "comfort zone." If all the work a learner is asked to do is always in the comfort zone, no real learning will take place and the learner will eventually lose interest. Conversely, when the work is too hard, the learner becomes frustrated and will likely give up.

Where true learning takes place The area between the comfort zone and the frustration zone is the one where true learning will take place – the optimal learning zone. It’s the area where a learner will need some help or will need to work hard to understand a concept or complete a task.

Thinking like a mathematician By keeping the challenge appropriate, the learner is guided to be a mathematical ‘doer’ — someone who thinks and strategizes in ways they can apply in school and in their real life experience.

This is optimal teaching and optimal learning—and is also in keeping with the goals of the Common Core State Standards for Math.

Motivating, fun learning environment

  • Highly engaging and motivating environment designed to fuel persistence, progress and proficiency.
  • Game-like environment with themes, characters, and a reward system.
  • Student-driven learning, student-driven fun.
  • Engagement boosts inspiration and confidence for all learners.
  • An engaging learning environment that doesn't sacrifice fun

When we were developing DreamBox, we knew that creating an experience that captured a student’s imagination and attention was important.

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Two environments We built two immersive environments (primary and intermediate) that personalize learning with games and themes that turn lessons into adventures. DreamBox uses industry-best virtual manipulatives for deep thinking and true conceptual understanding.

Industry-leading virtual manipulatives In addition, students show their work with unique virtual manipulatives, encouraging them to explain, discuss, and defend their mathematical thinking. 

DreamBox supports advanced learning models

Personalized Learning that works

At DreamBox, we know that personalization accelerates student achievement and deepens learning in alignment with standards.

It’s also a means of honoring each student’s ideas and supporting the transfer of learning to new situations. That personalization is empowered by our unique Intelligent Adaptive Technology. DreamBox adapts the level of difficulty, scaffolding, and pacing, all in real-time.

DreamBox Learning Math offers an unparalleled personalized learning experience, perfect for 1:1 and blended learning environments.

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Deeping conceptual understanding Instruction and content are designed to deepen conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and a strong foundation in math. It’s a program that ensures students are learning and absorbing the critical skills and information they need for higher levels of achievement. 

Researched-based DreamBox Learning’s research-based, visually and kinesthetically immersive environments are designed to develop the student’s ability to seek out and figure out patterns, rather than simply remember hundreds of procedures—in other words, to think like a mathematician: to be flexible, strategic, and precise.

Students show their work with unique virtual manipulatives, encouraging them to explain, discuss, and defend their mathematical thinking.

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Real-time data support Blended Learning

A key component of successfully delivering blended learning— and the highly personalized learning that results from it— is the ability to leverage data in real time as only DreamBox can.

In the moment data Because Intelligent Adaptive Learning uses in-the-moment data to seamlessly integrate instruction with assessment, it is an ideal tool for the every blended learning environment.

Current academic progress reporting Fine-grained reporting provides needed insights into proficiency at the district, school, classroom, and student level.

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Differentiated/individualized instruction for every learner

DreamBox analyzes over 50,000 pieces of data per hour, to provide the most effectively individualized math learning experience possible. The system interacts with the student by analyzing the data from the student’s actions in real-time as he solves problems, explores concepts, and makes decisions. 

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Self-pacing and empowerment Diagnostic, adaptive assessments are embedded within each lesson to assess mastery in a fluid, transparent way that doesn’t create anxiety for students. As a student progresses through the system, pace is determined by how quickly he demonstrates mastery of a concept, thus pace varies across learners.

Close learning gaps Because individual needs and pace are met; students who are challenged have the opportunity to meet goals with less pressure in a safe environment that guides them, one-on-one. DreamBox maximizes math intervention.

Building confidence The ability to review materials independently supports learning, and progression at a pace that suits the learner instills the self-assurance that breeds progress and learning acceleration.

Read a white paper about how  individualized learning helps every student excel in math

Watch a video about Intelligent Adaptive Learning and its power to individualize learning

Competency-based learning is built into DreamBox

  • Students advance on their learning path based upon demonstrated mastery
  • Competencies are transferable learning objectives that empower the student
  • Assessments and the assessment experience are  positive and meaningful
  • Students receive timely, differentiated support as they progress toward goals within DreamBox, and the instructor can provide support based on current data
  • Competencies emphasize the application and creation of knowledge as students develop important skills and dispositions

As education systems and educators move toward competency-based learning, DreamBox is already there. It was designed to assess mastery and individual student progresses based on demonstrated mastery of a concept.

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Students learn to ‘know and show’ In a competency-based education system, students understand learning objectives and what they must “know and show” to be proficient. If a student does not demonstrate adequate proficiency to advance, they must be provided with supports and interventions that help them fill the gaps in their knowledge and skills.

Supporting new models. Competency education supports student-centered, new learning models that bridge formal and informal learning — allowing students to demonstrate competency in a wide variety of ways by learning content through different modalities, experiences and methods — inside and outside of school walls, for example in blended learning models.

That’s the future of learning – and so is DreamBox Learning Math.