Why DreamBox?

A student-driven math learning experience that powers success.

DreamBox Learning® offers a deeply personalized K-8 math environment that combines rigorous curriculum for deep conceptual understanding, a highly-engaging environment, and our industry-leading Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ technology. The amazing combination of high-quality curriculum with intelligent technology delivers a pedagogy and learning environment like none-other. Dynamically adapting in real time, within and between lessons, millions of personalized learning paths tailored to each student’s unique needs are created. The DreamBox student driven learning environment differentiates content, pace, and sequence for the highest levels of student achievement so every student can learn to think critically, understand deeply and have a life-long love for and confidence in math.


Rigorous Math Curriculum

  • Delivers math that strengthens CCSS, TEKS, SOL, WNCP, and Ontario Curriculum.
  • Presents highest quality math lessons and pedagogy designed by and for teachers. DreamBox developed by nationally board-certified teachers working with Dr. Cathy Fosnot.
  • Industry leading virtual manipulative lessons created specifically for the Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ environment enhances and deepens students’ foundational understanding of math concepts.
  • Produces math “thinkers.”

Highly-Engaging Learning Environment

  • Highly engaging and motivating environment designed to fuel persistence, progress and proficiency.
  • An engaging environment with themes, characters, and a reward system.
  • Student-driven learning, student-driven fun.
  • Engagement boosts inspiration and confidence for all learners.
  • An engaging learning environment that doesn’t sacrifice fun.

Intelligent Adaptive Learning™

  • Deeply personalized learning experience for every type of student—the right next lesson at the right level of difficulty at the right time.
  • Seamlessly integrates instruction with assessment.
  • Adapts within and between lessons in real-time.
  • Complements all learning models.
  • Supports and empowers teachers with current student progress data to set and meet goals and state standards.