• An end to the math achievement gap.

    We saw some of our students make more than year’s growth in mathematics.

    “DreamBox figures out where they should be, and then accelerates the learning process.”

    —Doug Haynes, CEO, Rocky Mount Prep


  • Overview

    Powerful personalized pathways for proven results.

    DreamBox Learning Math is different because it differentiates content, pace, and sequence to reach students of all levels right where they are in real time. This personalized approached is proven to close the achievement gap and help every school in your district meet your math goals and become college and career ready.

    By combining rigorous math curriculum aligned to the Common Core with an Intelligent Adaptive Learning Engine™ that adjusts instantaneously to the needs of each and every student, DreamBox can be used to strategically accelerate the learning of struggling students to get them back on track with the rest of the class; keep advanced students challenged and engaged; and help on-level students to increase the velocity of learning.

    Actionable Reporting:

    Comprehensive progress reports including school summaries and concept proficiency reports, allow administrators to make a measurable impact with students to accelerate learning.

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    21st century skills

    Real world skills for the future.

    DreamBox helps students master key math concepts while building essential skills for success in today’s world, including critical thinking and problem solving, all while expanding their computer literacy. Student-driven learning allows students to work ‘at their own pace’ while exploring, develop conceptual understanding, sharpen their own abilities, and build a life-long confidence in math.

    Preparing For The Knowledge-Based Economy:

    • Expanding computer literacy
    • Student-driven learning
    • Building critical thinking and problem solving abilities 

     Learn more about building 21st century math skills

    Closing the achievement gap

    Close the achievement gap.

    Deeply personalized DreamBox Learning Math helps students gain a deep understanding of critical math concepts, so they can gain confidence as they build their competency to meet standards and achieve. DreamBox Learning Math works from the best practices of student-driven learning to strengthen motivation and promote the math discovery so critical for student success.

    Meeting Students Where They Are:

    • Ongoing formative assessment
    • Sound, research based pedagogy
    • Building conceptual understanding and procedural fluency

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    Student-driven learning

    Empower learners to explore and progress.

    DreamBox Learning Math adapts instantaneously in real time with every student interaction, both within and between lessons, and allows students to experiment with various approaches to problem solving. Engaging the learner helps to develop critical thinking and inspires individual exploration of concepts and problem solving skills. Students have a sense of control in their own learning, while teachers have complete visibility into their students’ progress.

    Active Participation and Engagement:

    •  The student feels a sense of empowerment
    • Development of ‘learning-how-to-learn’ skills
    • Data-driven support for more precise guidance

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    DreamBox Learning Math Pricing for Schools and Districts

    School Site License & District Pricing:       Call 1-877-451-7845 for details

    Student Subscription (25 minimum):          $25 per student/year

    kindergarden-test-hub-imageHow to buy:

    • Fax purchase order and accounts payable contact information to: 425-484-6476.
    • For help or pay by credit card: 1-877-451-7845 (weekdays, 6 AM to 5 PM, Pacific Time)

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