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Case Studies

Meet the district that outpaced pandemic learning loss by 5+ percentile points in just 8 weeks

April 18, 2022

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After a successful pilot program across several sites, district leaders at Pinellas County Schools (PCS) recognized the value of DreamBox Math to help their students learn and reach academic goals. In Fall 2019, the district expanded the math program to include more than 70 schools. 

In 2021, the district began to explore the impact of DreamBox Math usage on growth on Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) assessment data. This research included analysis across:

  • How much growth did students demonstrate while using DreamBox Math the recommended amount each week?
  • Does completing DreamBox Math lessons produce the same results across all achievement levels and grades?
  • Was there a measurable impact on assessment scores for students playing DreamBox Math during and after pandemic closures?

In just eight weeks, students who used the program for one hour per week (three to five lessons) demonstrated significant gains of over 5 percentile points on their end-of-semester NWEA MAP assessment. 

Data also showed that student growth continued during pandemic school closures. Student achievement persisted across various learning environments, including remote and in-person learning settings.

"We have observed a positive direct correlation between student usage and student achievement. Students who are achieving their usage goals are showing growth on their nationally normed assessments. This was present prior to and even during the pandemic."

Michael Feeney

Executive Director, Elementary Education, Pinellas County Schools

To discover the top five takeaways from a recent research study conducted across Pinellas County Schools, download our infographic.

Want an even closer look at this incredible data?

Watch our webinar to hear leadership from Pinellas County Schools discuss how they strategically adopted solutions that promised active screen time with big impact.  

PCS shares incredible results from this study, and discusses how they leveraged data analysis to continually meet student needs and what they have planned next.

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