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DreamBox Math helps students succeed no matter where they start

Personalize K-8 math learning with supplemental curriculum that is more than just instructional support software. DreamBox Math is intelligently adaptive to ensure students, at every level, stay motivated and receive the right instruction at the right time, from day one.
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Everything You Need

DreamBox has everything students need to build math confidence

Tools for admin
Formative and Predictive Insights
Data at Your Fingertips
Personalized Professional Development
Continued Support
Student Confidence
Unmatched Impact
Easy to Get Started

Tools for Admin

The tools you need to guide planning and decision-making for your school or district.

Formative and Predictive Insights

Advanced and actionable reporting helps predict future proficiency for year-end math assessments.

Data at your Fingertips

Easy progress monitoring for any standard, at any time, no testing required.

Personalized Professional Development

Live and self-paced courses meet the learning needs of your entire math staff.

Continued Support

From logging in for the first time to making the most of DreamBox, we’re here to help.

Student Confidence

Productive struggle and personalized scaffolding help students gain independence and agency.

Unmatched Impact

Just one hour each week can drive more than a grade level of math growth.

Easy to Get Started

Our team of experts is here to help get you up and running in no time.

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Intelligent Adaptive Learning

Intelligent Adaptive Learning

Because we all learn differently

Learning isn't linear, and neither is our approach. DreamBox tracks each student's interaction and evaluates their strategies, then immediately adjusts the lesson and prompts, so every student can progress at the pace and on the instructional path that’s right for them.

DreamBox gets results because it adapts based on strategies, not answers.

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Predictive Insights

Don't wait for test day

Keep tabs on progress, predict future performance and target instructional needs using valuable educator reports.


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Third Grade


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Sixth Grade


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Insights and resources for you

Learn more about how DreamBox creates math success with helpful resources.

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Administrators/Case Study

Allen ISD used DreamBox as a powerful tool to close gaps during the pandemic

The pandemic brought many challenges, especially the ability of teachers to help students keep up with their studies. In addition, students already struggling with math needed even more attention than in an in-person classroom. Learn how Allen ISD closed learning gaps with DreamBox Math.
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Administrators/Case Study

Using DreamBox Math purposely to maximize student support

Administrators/Case Study

Texas school districts make numbers add up with DreamBox


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