• Exceeding goals, a welcome standard.

    This deeply personalized learning experience is designed to empower students to build critical thinking and develop problem-solving skills that result in increased achievement and life-long confidence in math.

    “We are using DreamBox to fill gaps in understanding and provide foundational number sense.”

    —Dr. Maria Manzola, Principal, Rose Hill Elementary, Columbus, Ohio


  • Overview

    Personalized learning for increased achievement

    DreamBox offers the most personalized math-learning environment available today. It combines 1) a rigorous K-8 math curriculum that supports the Common Core and other standards, 2) an industry leading Intelligent Adaptive Learning ™ technology that individualizes and differentiates the learning path in real-time for each and every learner, 3) a highly engaging learning environment that empowers students to persist and progress. 


    Actionable Reporting

    Make an impact with students right where they are with a variety of reporting scaffolds. School “Snap Shot” reports, comprehensive progress reports including school, classroom and student summaries, and concept proficiency reports all work to give you a clear picture of exactly what your students know and what they need help with.

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    Personalized Learning

    Mass customization equals deep personalization.

    In an era where standardized tests are the norm, personalized learning offers a different perspective on education—a student-centered one. DreamBox Learning Math is paced to student learning needs and tailored to student learning preferences and interests.

    Within the Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ environment, DreamBox is able to offer personalized objectives, content, pace and method of instruction adapted for each and every student instantaneously as students interact within the program. Unlike digitized work sheets, memorization games, or intermittent adaptive programs, DreamBox Learning Math builds deep conceptual understanding and critical thinking skills through an individualized learning path suited to each and every learner all within real-time.

    Tailored to student’s unique needs

    • Millions of learning pathways
    • Student directed
    • Maintains optimal learning zone

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    Blended Learning

    How great technology and teaching come together.

    Your school’s teachers change lives and unlock potential. It’s why we based DreamBox Learning Math on all the elements that make a great teacher. With everything a teacher can give students, there is still room for additional personalization, especially in schools experiencing growing class sizes. DreamBox Learning Math works with teachers to empower students. With a rigorous online curriculum, an Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ engine, and engaging learning environment, DreamBox delivers millions of individualized learning paths in real time, each one tailored to a student’s unique needs and providing actionable data for more purposeful instruction.

    Research-based and effective

    • Honors each student’s ideas
    • Supports transfer of learning
    • Adapts difficulty, scaffolding, and pacing

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    Common Core

    Aligned to the Common Core for conceptual understanding.

    The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were written to help teachers fine tune instruction and provide a clear understanding of what students are expected to learn. To provide students with the foundation for deep, fundamental mathematical understanding, critical thinking ability and 21st century learning skills, the DreamBox curriculum aligns with these Common Core Standards and brings them to life.

    Competency-based learning

    • Continuous formative assessment
    • Deepens conceptual understanding
    • Engagement in critical mathematical practices

    Learn more about math learning and CCSS


    Aligned to the Common Core for success.

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    Student Subscription (25 minimum):          $25 per student/year

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