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The right support, right away

Easy-to-implement and effective reading intervention for PreK-12 students in all tiers.

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Help students grow with personalized practice and adaptive instruction

DreamBox Reading Park (PreK–2) and DreamBox Reading Plus (3–12) provide personalized, research-informed support to turn reluctant readers into lifelong readers.  

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Learn how DreamBox Reading Park helps start students strong with a science of reading approach.

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Evidence-based reading instruction and intervention in real time

DreamBox Reading programs help students meet learning goals and build confidence by providing in-the-moment, personalized instruction and support as students engage with the program. Data from DreamBox Reading Plus indicates that tier III students show 2.5 grade levels of growth after using the program for just 60 hours.  

"The growth made on our district assessment by students using DreamBox Reading Plus with fidelity is remarkable, particularly by students needing intervention in reading."

Jon Wolfer

Principal, Boulder Valley School District RE-2, CO

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Support every type of learner

DreamBox Reading programs advanced technology and data to provide the personalized intervention and instruction English learners need for literacy. A peer-reviewed study showed that ELL students who used Reading Plus with fidelity achieved gains 1.5 to 2 times as large as those achieved by students who didn’t use the program. 

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Proven to motivate readers

Cultivate interest and confidence in reading for all learners, every day

Research shows that reading motivation and reading success are closely linked. A 2023 study found that high school students who completed the recommended number of lessons in DreamBox Reading Plus self-reported over 20 points more interest in reading than those who completed fewer lessons.  

In-the-moment scaffolding

Personalized scaffolding to build independent reading skills in real time

DreamBox Reading programs enable each learner to acquire reading proficiency. The programs provide responsive instruction that adapts to every student and helps build foundational skills and improve reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

DreamBox Reading helps guide reading fluency

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DreamBox Reading Park

What makes DreamBox Reading Park unique for PreK-2 students?

Built on the DreamBox Learning patented Intelligent Adaptive Learning platform, Reading Park captures data from student answers, strategies, and behaviors to personalize learning in real time. This adaptivity ensures that students always access the right content at the right time. 

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DreamBox Reading Plus

Combine personalized practice and adaptive instruction

DreamBox Reading Plus provides personalized instruction and intervention for students in grades 3–12. The adaptive program develops silent reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary while also measuring student motivation. Reading Plus is proven to improve reading proficiency by 2.5 grade levels in a single school year.  

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Schedule time with a DreamBox team member to discover how our programs can help your students catch up and meet academic goals fast. 

We’ll explore: 

  • How districts across the nation are seeing students thrive while using DreamBox Reading. 
  • Critical ways that DreamBox Reading programs support intervention efforts for all students. 
  • An overview of key features including ease of implementation, intuitive progress monitoring, and comprehensive PD options. 
  • An exclusive look into the student and educator experience within the platform. 

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