Simplified student login for schools

Updated March 18, 2020

Every student’s DreamBox Learning journey begins by logging in to their unique DreamBox account. How a student logs in — whether through a school’s DreamBox address or a single sign-on portal — depends on their school’s preference. Teachers will share a school’s login method with students at the start of each school year.

(Note: the below instructions are for students accessing a DreamBox school account. For students logging in with a DreamBox Parent/Home subscription, please follow the instructions for logging in to the Family Dashboard).

Below, we’ve outlined the three different DreamBox login methods available to students:

1) Unique DreamBox Web Address

When a school is created in DreamBox, by default, it’s assigned a unique DreamBox website address. Schools have the option to log in using this address or through a single sign-on portal.

Schools that opt to use their designated DreamBox address will instruct their students to log in using either a text-based username and password combination or a picture password plus 5-digit classroom code (depending upon the students’ grade level).

Note that student login instructions differ by device type. For step-by-step instructions, visit the links below:


2) DreamBox Single Sign-On

With DreamBox Single Sign-On (SSO) students can easily access DreamBox after they log in to their district portal, without having to log in a second time. DreamBox SSO can only be used in conjunction with the DreamBox Automated Roster Management (ARM) tool. Learn more about DreamBox SSO

Note that student login instructions for DreamBox SSO differ by device type. For step-by-step instructions, visit the links below:


3) Clever Single Sign-On

Clever is a third-party, single sign-on portal used by many school districts. Clever enables students to log in to DreamBox, and other school applications, with just a single username and password.

Students can log in to DreamBox using either their unique Clever portal address or through another existing SSO portal (such as a district portal or other learning management system). Learn more about Clever SSO

Note that a teacher or an administrator can log in using the same DreamBox school address or portal address as their students but with their unique username and password. For teachers or administrators using a school specific DreamBox address, their username is their district email address.

We hope this information helps simplify the different login methods available to DreamBox students. For additional information on this topic, visit the DreamBox Learning support site.

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