Simplified student login for schools

Welcome to a new school year! In order to simplify student login to the DreamBox Learning program from school and from home we have created a site-based Internet address for students that can be accessed 24/7. Every DreamBox school now has a personal DreamBox Learning site-based Internet address. To log in, students will click on the DreamBox link, select their class, log in and start learning independently!

Log in to your DreamBox Dashboard to learn more.

New simplified student login!

Student Login

Also new from DreamBox: picture or text password options

Educators now have the ability to determine if individual classrooms use picture passwords or text-based usernames and passwords for student log in. Picture passwords provide easy access for Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade students, while text-based usernames and passwords provide additional student account security for 2nd graders on up. Existing student passwords will remain the same unless you choose to edit classroom password settings on your DreamBox Dashboard.

Picture and text password options

DreamBox Passwords

We hope you find these updates valuable, and as always, your feedback is extremely important to us. Please send any feedback or comments you may have to