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Insights to understand your child’s math growth

Want to see your child's math development in a meaningful way? The Family Dashboard allows parents and guardians to monitor their child's learning trends, gaps and growth.

screenshot of table tracking student progress

Progress Tracking

See how your child is using DreamBox — in real time

The Family Dashboard allows you to see, at a glance, if your student is mastering the concepts and making progress with DreamBox. Detailed activity and proficiency reports help you monitor math learning in real time, plus set goals.
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Make Math a Family Affair with the Family Dashboard

Talk with your child about how they’re using DreamBox time. Discuss goals, where they may need help and offer encouragement.
bar charts showing app usage

Meaningful Data

Measure what matters

Use at-a-glance report data to check the exact amount of time your child has used DreamBox and confirm that the recommended goal of 5 lessons per week is being met. You can also view growth in proficiency over a given time – last week, month, or school year.
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Answers to Your Questions

Get support when you need it

The searchable DreamBox Support website is available to answer your questions. There, you can also find helpful articles to help you navigate the Family Dashboard.

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