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Funding for DreamBox

Ed Tech Funding Cheat Sheet

A quick reference guide to federal, state and local funding for public schools.

Includes ESSER funding information! Use ESSER funds to get DreamBox Math for your summer school program.

Funding Guide
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I was on a committee this summer that reviewed several online math programs being considered for purchase by the Bellingham School District. We ended up recommending DreamBox and have been so pleased with its impact on students! They love the activities and are motivated to jump on at a moment's notice. Teachers find the data and reporting from DreamBox easy to access and the information provided on student progress drives instruction in the classroom. Thank you for making a program that promotes skill and keeps students engaged.

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Robin Russell
Bellingham Public Schools, WA

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Why DreamBox?

DreamBox Math sparks math engagement and progress for all learners. It’s the only online K-8 math program designed to adjust to learners’ levels. DreamBox values “mistakes” as starting points by using “in-the-moment” assessment. It uses three types of adaptive learning – assessment, content and sequencing – resulting in increased conceptual understanding, math enjoyment and success.

Interested in purchasing DreamBox Math but need to get otherson board? Download our 10 Reasons Why DreamBox flyer and share it far and wide.

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10 Reasons Why Your District Deserves DreamBox

Empower Educators with DreamBox PD

DreamBox professional development helps school and district math leaders scale and personalize professional learning opportunities for teachers and instructional coaches. By combining live webinars, DreamBox University and MyFlexPD™, DreamBox delivers learner-centric content focused on educators’ individual needs.

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Building math confidence

With so many changes this year, educators are incorporating Social-Emotional Learning more than ever before. DreamBox has updated features to add additional tools that support SEL and connect you with students through virtual messaging.

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2021 Grants Guide

This guide includes:

  1. Simple “how-to instructions” for the grant writing process and tips to make your application stand out
  2. A list of over 50 different grants that can fund DreamBox Math (and other education priorities) at your school, sorted by category, along with easy links for a smooth application process

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2021 EdTech Grants Guide