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Give us three months and we’ll give you math and reading gains.

DreamBox Pilot Program

DreamBox’s highly adaptive personalized instruction enables teachers to address students’ individual needs in the moment, no matter how far behind or ahead they may be.

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Discover the Power of a DreamBox Pilot Program

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Graph showing students growth of 5 points on NWEA MAP assessments

DreamBox Math

In just 8 weeks, students demonstrated over 5 points of growth on NWEA MAP assessments.  

Graph showing students growth of 0.5-1.0 grade-levels

DreamBox Reading

In short 4-12 week implementations, students demonstrated 0.5-1.0 grade-level growth. 

"When our students and teachers are engaging with DreamBox at the recommended levels, they blow it out of the water in their state assessments."
Mark Estrada, Superintendent, Lockhart ISD, TX

Hear from a happy pilot user:

Trina Cornell, Reading Specialist at Holman Middle School, MO

Pilot DreamBox

Personalize learning at scale

With DreamBox, it’s like every student has their own tutor. 

Your DreamBox pilot can: 

  • Immediately start addressing math and reading declines no matter students’ learning tier.
  • Improve your students’ end-of-year test readiness, confidence and math comprehension BEFORE testing.
  • Provide an opportunity to explore and assess DreamBox without commitment.

 Your DreamBox pilot includes: 

  • A 3-5 month pilot license for 75 or more students
  • Unlimited licenses for district and school-level administrators and educators
  • Implementation support and monitoring

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