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Empowering Educators


Continuous Learning

Professional Development that Strengthens Instructional Practice

The value of our professional development partnership continues to grow across school years as new teachers are introduced to DreamBox and experienced educators have opportunities to further develop and refine mathematical pedagogy.

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DreamBox is one of the few companies that truly supports customizable professional development.

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Provides Meaningful Engagement: Our professional development is aligned with your district’s instructional goals. It includes sustained, ongoing support to ensure successful implementation.

Offers Flexibility: We offer a variety of professional development models to meet your district and school needs. Teachers can engage in live, interactive professional development sessions or participate in self-paced, on-demand learning.

Expands Teacher Capacity: Our differentiated educator experience meets teachers where they are to foster productive implementation, enhance instructional practices, and develop overall teacher confidence.

Fosters a Growth Mindset: We work with teachers to build a positive math culture in their classrooms as they learn to support their students through productive struggle. This ultimately helps students develop positive attitudes and perseverance as they approach new learning.

Powered by Educators

Our experienced and dynamic professional development team partners with educators to help them develop an understanding of how DreamBox can support the growth and development of their students.

We are passionate and innovative educators with deep knowledge of K-8 mathematics learning and expertise in blended-learning practices.

We bring an asset mindset to professional development that builds on students’ strengths, creating confident mathematicians across classrooms and schools.

We believe that professional development should empower educators with easy-to-implement, actionable steps that will directly benefit their students. We work with educators to understand their data and use it to differentiate instruction based on the support students need.

DreamBox Customer Experience Team

Personalized Professional Development for Your Educators

Our differentiated professional development yields high-quality implementation practices and promotes deeper math learning and engagement for students.

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As a result of DreamBox Professional Development, teachers are easily able to identify unfinished learning for the class as a whole to inform decisions for tier 1 instruction.

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Multimodal, Live Learning: We offer live learning experiences delivered to your educators onsite, via webinars, or through virtual onsite sessions.

Tailored to Your District: DreamBox can be used across a variety of different implementation models:

  • at school or at home
  • within a station rotation model
  • for small group instruction
  • to support blended learning
  • as an intervention within a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

Our personalized professional development sessions are aligned with your implementation model as well as your district goals, district curriculum, and state standards.

On-Demand Learning with DreamBox University 

DreamBox University is a robust library of guided resources designed to provide on-demand professional development opportunities for educators to access when needed, all at their own pace. DreamBox University utilizes interactive videos and activities that model resources and best practices.

With DreamBox University, teachers can gain an initial introduction to DreamBox, develop an understanding of our adaptive engine, and learn best practices to impact long-term student growth and development in mathematics.

DreamBox University works well in combination with our personalized professional development opportunities to provide yearlong, multifaceted layers of support for your educators.

DreamBox University

All-Access Support for Educators

DreamBox provides all customers with complimentary access to a select offering of professional development opportunities. These sessions are designed to share a foundational understanding of how to get started with DreamBox. Educators will learn how DreamBox provides ongoing differentiation and promotes overall math growth and development.

On-Demand Onboarding Course: As educators are planning and designing their DreamBox classroom, they can participate in our short, targeted introductory course, Getting Started with DreamBox, to help guide their initial implementation. To access the course, visit DreamBox Quick Links by clicking on the DreamBox icon in the right corner of the Insights Dashboard.

National Live Webinars: Educators can join one of our many live webinars to hear about best practices from DreamBox experts. Click on the DreamBox icon in the right corner of the Insights Dashboard to register.

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