DreamBox Learning® FlexPD™

The professional development teachers need, exactly when they need it

DreamBox Learning® FlexPD™ offers a range of courses—delivered in person or online—to meet the learning needs of your entire math staff, and help them realize the full potential of a blended-learning practice. Our experienced and knowledgeable professional development (PD) team works alongside you to develop a customized plan expressly aligned to your district and/or school goals and objectives.

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According to our annual survey, Educators rate DreamBox professional development 4.6 out of 5 stars five years in a row!

Designed to enhance instructional practice

Research suggests that when educators have a deeper understanding of the mathematics concepts they’re teaching, their students experience higher achievement. DreamBox FlexPD provides actionable professional learning that helps teachers continually expand their knowledge and skills to implement the best educational practices for math instruction.

Customized to fit the needs of busy educators

FlexPD helps school and district math leaders truly scale and personalize professional learning opportunities for teachers and instructional coaches by combining on-site instruction, live webinars, and MyFlexPD™, to deliver learner-centric content focused on educators' individual needs.

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Online PD

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A continuous professional learning plan

The DreamBox PD team works with schools and districts to develop a customized, engaging, and relevant continuous professional learning plan that enables educators to develop the knowledge and skills needed to address student-learning challenges and improve outcomes. Whether your teachers are brand new or have many years of classroom experience, FlexPD supports educators as they build a deeper understanding of math, refine best practices in pedagogy, and create effective, standards-based, learner-centric environments.

Ongoing support to ensure success

Once your PD plan is in place, DreamBox provides school and district leaders with ongoing comprehensive support to ensure a successful blended learning implementation. The goal of FlexPD is to increase the efficacy of instructional practice in the classroom, while helping teachers apply what they’ve learned immediately.

DreamBox Learning FlexPD

An expert PD team ready to support your needs

Building capacity in your schools and district to deliver highly personalized instruction will result in a positive change in student learning outcomes. Your DreamBox PD team includes:

  • Experienced educators with deep knowledge of K-8 mathematics
  • Experts in blended-learning practices and using data to differentiate instruction for entire classes, small groups, and individual students Skilled administrators, coaches, and mentors
  • Together, we’ll help you to scale best practices, engage teachers, and provide meaningful and purposeful content that is relevant to instructional practice