Harvard Study Suggests DreamBox Impact on Student Learning Outcomes

The CEPR at Harvard University study of DreamBox showed meaningful achievement gains. In particular, for every 20 minutes a student spent on DreamBox their MAP score increased by 2.5 points. Because the study indicates a linear relationship between time spent on DreamBox and achievement gains, students who use DreamBox for 60 minutes per week stand to experience an increase of 7.5 points on the MAP.

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DreamBox Learning is the only comprehensive K-8 math program rated STRONG by Evidence for ESSA.

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SRI International Study Shows DreamBox Has Positive Effects on Student Achievement

Results at a Glance:

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Howard County School District

The DreamBox online curriculum program is truly innovative and is helping our schools develop mathematical thinkers.

—John SanGiovanni, Instructional Facilitator, Elementary Mathematics Howard County Public School System

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