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6 Steps to Implementing a Successful Pilot Program

December 07, 2017


Make sure the technology you adopt is a good fit for students and teachers in your district

Selecting which EdTech program is right for your district is a big decision and investment. After you talk to your stakeholders, complete your research, weigh your options and narrow your choices, the important work of piloting the program(s) begins. Before rolling out new technology districtwide, you’ll want to see whether it effectively integrates into classrooms and assess its long-term potential. For that, you’ll need a carefully crafted pilot program. 

Here are six key steps you’ll need to address to ensure success:

  1. Identify your goals: Have an endgame in sight before you start down the path of piloting programs. Identify what success looks like in one year, two years or even five years. Set your goals to align with your vision. Setting goals is essential to gauge how effective the pilot programs are for your staff and students.
  2. Create your timelines: Set your pilot programs to align with district timelines, such as your academic calendar, testing periods and budgetary seasons. Doing so will ensure your staff has the timeto use the new program or system without disrupting learning.
  3. Establish success metrics: Data is essential to making an informed decision. Use the goals you identified to determine reasonable student (and teacher) success metrics. Be sure to track and analyze your data consistently. With data, you can convince district stakeholders of the effectiveness of (and the investment in) the desired solution.
  4. Make time for professional development (PD): Successful staff = successful students. Including PD as a component of your pilot program prepares your staff to use new programs to their full potential so you can more accurately measure effectiveness.
  5. Get your tech in check: Don’t let technology scheduling snafus or weak integrations interrupt your pilot. Schedule access to computer labs, computer carts or tablets, and test the programs to make sure they run without a hitch.
  6. Get feedback on the pilot: Don’t forget the two parties on the front line – students and teachers. Use surveys post–pilot to provide your staff and students a channel to share their feedback on their experience with the pilot program.


Download the DreamBoxLearning EdTech Pilot Success Guide for a complete step-by-step framework to ensure smart purchasing decisions. 

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