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Reading Plus Success Story - Bristow Middle School, OK

September 24, 2021

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Bristow Middle School started using Reading Plus at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year. We initially used it with about 100 of our lowest remedial seventh- and eighth-grade readers . We started using it because we had tried other programs that did not work, yet we recognized that unless significant intervention was found, the low reading levels of these students would jeopardize not only their chances in high school but eventually their chances for success in life.

“After 21 years of teaching reading…I’ve never found a program that comes close to Reading Plus. I highly recommend it for any age reader who wants to have fun, yet be challenged and who wants to improve on vocabulary, comprehension, and eye scanning skills.”


Before Reading Plus, we had used Study Island and CCC English programs to try to reinforce English and reading skills. We also had used in-house reading groups with printed literature books. It was a dismal failure because by middle school, these young adults need more. They want the autonomy of selecting their own stories and working at their own rates. Reading Plus provides all of this and more. My students love to check their own progress and discuss stories with each other. They love the competition between classes and are proud to see their names hanging in the hallway for successes. No other program we’ve tried has the variety of activities that meet the needs of the struggling reader like Reading Plus does. One very valuable tool in the program is the iBalance which helps train students’ eyes to track better as they scan the words in a story. This segment alone is worth the price of the program when you see a student finally able to understand the story because his eyes are working correctly.


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