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Reading Plus Success Story - Westchester Elementary School, FL

September 24, 2021


Westchester Elementary School in Coral Spring, Florida, is dedicated to providing excellence in education through innovation, to instilling a lifelong love of learning in students and teachers, and to celebrating diversity within a caring environment. Westchester will nurture competent and thoughtful citizens who are positively engaged in the making of the future. Westchester Elementary has a team of very dedicated teachers who continue to broaden their craft by participating in professional development locally and globally. Additionally, the Westchester Parent Teachers Association is very active and provides the school with significant support and resources.

Average Gains Per Student

Overall Proficiency 1.8 grade level gain
Reading Rate 23 words per minute
Vocabulary 2.1 grade level gain
Motivation (self-efficacy) 8 scale score point gain
Motivation (interest) 15 scale score point gain

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