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Case Studies

Salem School District students who used DreamBox Math regularly improved MAP scores

November 15, 2023

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The Salem 4K – 8 school adopted DreamBox Math in the 2022-23 school year. Craig Velleux’s, data specialist, main responsibilities were to get the program up and running and engage students and teachers. From the start, all students in grades K – 8 were expected to complete five DreamBox Math lessons a week.


The school further ignited students’ interest with a friendly math challenge in May 2022, and they saw a lot of success. “MAP testing scores were some of the best we’ve had overall,” says Velleux. Similarly, students who used DreamBox regularly saw improved state testing (Wisconsin Forward) scores, especially their third-grade students. “Our third grade outperformed pretty much the rest of our building as far as number of proficient [and] advanced students. And they had the highest [DreamBox] usage, and they had the most kids that met the challenge.” 


Read to learn more about their experience using DreamBox Math.  

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