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Formative Assessment Toolkit

June 01, 2016

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Formative Assessment Toolkit

Different Approaches to Improve Formative Assessment

You’re already using formative assessment in your classroom, but this free toolkit offers popular new pieces from experienced DreamBox educators (former Superintendents, Teachers and Curriculum Designers) with new ideas and tips on applying assessment in new ways. Here are some highlights of what’s inside!

Formative assessments for collaborative learning

Learn how teachers can create a collaborative learning practice with their students. Increase metacognition and generate more student self-regulated learning. Improve algebraic thinking in early and middle grades. See an example of how embedded formative assessment impacted a school, and get links to free resources.

Support for challenged and advanced learners

No single method, reform, or system is the”silver bullet” that can solve all educational challenges, but improved formative assessing strategies does proffer a potent means for meeting goals for high-performance, high-equity student outcomes.

The most powerful single modification [in formative assessment] that enhances achievement is feedback. The simplest prescription for improving education must be dollops of feedback.

John Hattie, Ed.D., author of Visible Learning, Assessment tips to accelerate algebraic thinking

Assessment tips to accelerate algebraic thinking


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