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Math Intervention Teacher Toolkit

December 01, 2016


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A MTSS/RtI and Math Mindset Guide

There’s a lot of information available about Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and Response to Intervention (RtI), but making sense of it all and putting theory into practice in your math classroom can be less accessible. This toolkit clarifies the frameworks and provides:

Intervention Basics and Math Specifics

In addition to helping you understand MTSS/RtI, you’ll also learn about the importance of growth mindset in math learning, and the role data and formative assessment play in your student’s math success.

Easy-to-Use Tools and Classroom Activities

Take advantage of assets that can be used in the math classroom right now:

  • A multi-layered, easy-to-use, excel-style progress monitoring tool.  Designed by a leading educational researcher, this tool helps teachers (easily) gather academic progress monitoring data.  Information can be stored for multiple students across multiple measures, graph student progress, and set individualized goals for a student on specific measures.
  • Growth mindset activities.  Three fun activities will engage and motivate your math students and change the refrain of “I’m bad at math” to “I love math!”
  • Formative assessment activities. Designed to be used on a regular basis, these activities motivate students to become more involved in their own learning.

Rich Resources

For a deeper dive, take advantage of dozens of easy-to-access resources to enrich your practice and give you more and better ways to collaborate with educators, parents, and your students. Includes links to organization website, intervention research, practical intervention help for teachers, information to pass along to parents, and math growth mindset guides and exercises.

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