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What Educators Say About DreamBox Math

March 21, 2013

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What Educators Say (Long)

At Dreambox learning we’ve developed the intelligent, adaptive, learning technology that exhilarates student learning. Dreambox combines rigorous curriculum motivating learning environments in a powerful, intelligent, adaptive engine that delivers millions of Individualized Learning Paths. Each one tailored to a student’s unique needs.

TH:Intelligent adaptive learning is the way that we capture what the best teacher would do when
interacting with a student. What Dreambox does is in the middle of the learning, in the middle of the game, in the middle of the lesson, second by second – it’s analyzing every decision that the student is making. Every mouse click in the learning experience; thereby allowing us to intelligently adapt and even move different student’s lessons. With the K2-5 Math curriculum that effectively teaches the common course State standard. Dreambox supports all students whether they are on level, advanced, or in need of intervention.

RD:The mathematics that’s actually being taught is way better and way more unique than anything else I’ve seen. What I’ve found in my intervention students – is that we moved though material quicker, and more efficiently, and the learning is better.  Because of the time we’ve invested on Dreambox.

CM: I’m very comfortable with my students getting on Dreambox, because it will advance them on areas that they already excelled in. But if there’s an area where they need extra instruction, then Dreambox will recognize that, and it will give them that extra instruction in that particular area. It’s the powerful technology behind Dreambox that makes it so effective. Dreambox goes beyond recording right and wrong answers and optimizes student learning path based on level of comprehension, efficiency of strategy, level of help needed, response time, and more.

TM: The kids are so excited and they feel so great when they are doing Dreambox. Because I think that they are challenged at their individual level and when they accomplished something you’ll hear some of them actually over the way saying “Yey, I got it!”

Jack: I’m working on addition and subtraction, and the number line – I figured that out. I also like how you can put music on when you click on something and wallpaper- that’s really cool. I love the mini games – those are really fun. Dreambox supports teachers and administrator   with real time reporting.

CM: The reporting tools are helpful to me, because on the weekly report I can see exactly what concept my students are working on. I can see if they started an activity, but didn’t finish it.  I can see activities that they’ve completed and they got one hundred percent of that. I can see what activities are coming up next that they haven’t gotten to yet, but we’re gonna get to that soon.

AW: The administrator report in Dreambox allows us to just kind of keep an eye on class trends, as well as individual students. When we look at the administrator report it’s really easy to see some students who are taking a lot time in certain skill areas. We can also see other students who are just soaring through the program. And it’s just great to see that differentiation.

TM: I would recommend Dreambox, for one it’s an extra set of hands that we don’t have and that extra person in the room that can individualize things for each students. It allows you the opportunity to work one on one with individual students if you want to. If you want to use it as a center, you can have several students working on that while you’re working on another small group. It’s a win-win
AF: Dreambox helps me do a lot. It helps me stay focus, on what the kids need to learn. It helps me see what they’re learning. It helps me to identify certain needs that maybe I wouldn’t be able to identify before. It helps me to individualize their learning. It’s powerful.

And Independent research shows that Dreambox exhilarate student learning.

Contact us today to learn more on how to bring Dreambox into your school.
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