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Combatting Teacher Shortages: Strategies for Classroom Balance and Learning Success

October 19, 2023

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Listen to a dynamic principal panel to hear how three distinguished school leaders from across the nation are ensuring their staff and students have access to the best learning strategies, tools, and solutions despite staffing shortages and other common challenges. Our guests discussed unique approaches to help enhance teacher reach, provide more life balance with time-saving solutions, and extend instructor capacity. They also share how by offering the right support, guidance, and grace, they have successfully fostered a culture of learning, engagement, and growth.

Attendees will explore:  

  • Best practices for cultivating a culture of two-way feedback- knowing what teachers need and helping them get there  
  • Ways to reflect on what works and what doesn’t work for your staff, and how to pivot when necessary  
  • Clear steps every educator can take to plan to help teachers feel informed, trained, and supported for new programs and initiatives  
  • Plus, you’ll get access to great resources to guide program selection for your team.   


  • Panelists: Sean Gaillard - Principal of The Academy at Middle Fork 
    Angie Reeves - Principal of Sedge Garden in WS/FCS 
    Jenny Alyn Key - Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Yadkin County Schools 

  • Moderator: Ashley Lemley, Account Executive, DreamBox Learning 

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