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Expanding Teacher Impact: Scaling Personalized Learning Across Districts

September 22, 2023

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This webinar brings together innovative district leaders who have successfully implemented personalized learning programs, and in turn transformed their district's educational outcomes.

The speakers share how to develop data-driven systems and processes that support the ongoing implementation and evolution of personalized learning programs, as well as strategies for engaging and empowering educators and students to take ownership of their learning.

During the event, speakers discussed key strategies and best practices they have employed to successfully scale personalization while ensuring that these initiatives are sustainable and can be maintained and continuously improved upon. These strategies include:

Leveraging technology

  • Building effective partnerships with stakeholders
  • Scaling teacher effect
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement
  • Developing systems and processes that support ongoing implementation
  • And More

Panelists: Dr. Hafner, Superintendent of Lexington 2 & Jennifer Wise, Coordinator of Mathematics of Lexington 2 & Anasya B. Turner, MSA, Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Specialist for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

Moderator: David Woods, DreamBox Learning

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