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Webinar: Building on the Brilliance of Students – Insights that Drive Academic Recovery in Math

April 05, 2021

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With so much transition, change, and unpredictability this year, it is harder than ever to know where students are now in their learning, and what to do to get them back on track most efficiently. Getting through the school year, closing gaps, identifying unfinished learning and what needs to be done is front of mind for every educator. With challenges around Assessments, HB3, and more, it can become overwhelming, which is why it is more important than ever to come together to share knowledge and best practices that will fuel learning recovery.

Join host Dr. Tim Hudson (DreamBox) and panelists Dana Nathanson (Elementary Math Coordinator, Leander ISD) and Amador Vasquez (K–12 Math Coordinator, Lubbock ISD) for a discussion on strategies that help provide insight and action to enable educators to create a vibrant and effective academic recovery in Texas for all students.


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