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Webinar: Digital Learning Fuels Student Growth In Math

September 24, 2020

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Webinar: Digital Learning Fuels Student Growth In Math

Learn how one district incorporated a digital math program into traditional and remote instruction to deliver 1.6 grade levels of growth.

Personalized learning is not a new concept for Alleghany County Schools, but District leaders saw an opportunity to reimagine how differentiated math instruction could better support students and teachers. 

After an evaluation of successes and challenges that existed within K-8 math instruction, the district selected one digital math program from DreamBox where they could align Professional Development, measure student progress against state standards, supplement core curriculum, and ensure students were having fun in their learning. 

In this panel discussion, Alleghany County Schools administrators will share their journey of implementing a digital math solution that resulted in 1.65 grade levels of growth for students and enabled a seamless transition to hybrid and remote instruction.

Webinar: Digital Learning Fuels Student Growth In Math

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