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Response to Intervention

Intervention Effectiveness

We use DreamBox to drive our one-on-one instruction and lesson plans so we can focus on kids who have huge gaps in their learning. We are able to see where each student is in their learning and where they need additional support, which makes our intervention a lot more powerful for our students.

— Anna Wiley, Math Intervention Teacher, DeKalb Central School District, IN

Read how other schools are seeing learning gains with DreamBox as part of their RtI programs.

What is Response to Intervention? (RtI)

Response to Intervention (RtI), also known as a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS), is a framework that utilizes key instructional strategies, universal screening, and ongoing progress monitoring designed to bring all students to grade level or above. There are three RtI tiers:

  • RTI Tier 1 is general education. Students may need basic support.
  • RTI Tier 2 is targeted instruction given to students who are one level below grade level. Instruction is often delivered within the classroom in small groups.
  • RTI Tier 3 is more intensive, often individualized, intervention for students who are generally more than one grade level behind.

How DreamBox Learning Supports Response to Intervention

DreamBox Learning® Math is an evidence-based solution for RtI that uses formative data to respond, in-the-moment of learning, to each student while providing educators with real-time progress monitoring tools. Use DreamBox Learning independently, in small groups, or with instructors to overcome math challenges at each of the three RtI tiers.

Evidence-Based Curriculum

Independent research from the Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR) at Harvard University suggests student using DreamBox Learning Math for 14 hours can increase achievement by 4 percentile points. These results echo results from an earlier study completed by SRI.

Progress Monitoring

Embedded formative assessment and automatic progress reports make it easy for educators to identify learning gaps, set learning goals, monitor ongoing progress, and predict when students will meet the learning objectives of the interventions.

Data-Driven Instruction

DreamBox surfaces exactly what each student knows, doesn’t know, and what they are ready to learn next. With this data, educators can make real-time instructional and intervention decisions.

Increase Instructional Time

You don’t have to interrupt instruction to assess student learning. With DreamBox’s embedded formative assessment, your students keep learning while you get access to real-time information about what they know and where they struggle.

Personalized Interventions

With Assignments, teachers can create differentiated assignments in DreamBox that align to the needs of the whole class, small group or individual student, and DreamBox will automatically tailor the lesson to align to each student’s level of readiness.

Supports Equity for Spanish-Speaking ELLs

Language shouldn’t be a barrier to learning math. You can deliver assignments in English or Spanish with DreamBox. Our Spanish lessons weren’t just translated; they were built from the ground up to be culturally appropriate. Try DreamBox Lessons in Spanish.

Builds Skills and Closes Gaps Fast

Support procedural fluency and the conceptual understanding, strategic reasoning, and problem-solving abilities every learner needs to be successful in math.

Teacher Support and Professional Development

DreamBox Learning FlexPD supports educators as they build a deeper understanding of math, refine best practices in pedagogy, and create effective, standards-based, learner-centric environments.