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Welcome South Carolina Educators and Administrators

The South Carolina Department of Education and DreamBox Learning are pleased to provide implementation support to South Carolina districts participating in the Academic Recovery Initiative for All K-5 Math Learners.

On this site you will find numerous resources to ensure a successful implementation.

About DreamBox Math

DreamBox Math is an evidence-based program that already supports more than 100,000 students across South Carolina in 32 school districts. The program dynamically adapts to the learner, providing individualized instruction. On average, students completing 5+ DreamBox lessons a week are growing 1.5 grade levels per year in mathematics. DreamBox is available in English and Spanish.

Professional Development Webinars

Your DreamBox Learning team will offer a number of professional development opportunities throughout the school year. Each month, our sessions will focus on a specific implementation topic. There will be many sessions to support the focus topic during the month. If you miss a focus topic during the targeted month, you have two opportunities the following month to attend a review session. Look for In Case You Missed It in the session titles. There will also be Q&A sessions available each month to provide additional support and coaching. We encourage you to visit this page often and register for PD monthly.

Educator Webinars

August Topic:

What is DreamBox Learning for SC Educators?

This session is for both SC educators and administrators. During this training, we will focus on how DreamBox adapts to individual students’ needs, the features of the student environment, and healthy habits to ensure student and teacher success.

September Topic:

Monitoring Usage and Supporting Learners

This session is for all educators. During this session we will look at student usage and data to determine if students are on track with DreamBox. We will also discuss how to provide feedback and support to keep your students motivated to continue to make progress in their learning.

October Topic:

Using Data to Drive Instruction for Small Groups

This session is for educators in all grades. During this session, you will have hands-on experience analyzing the short-term and long-term data DreamBox provides. We will also discuss how to utilize this data to intentionally inform your instruction.

November Topic:

Supporting Learners with Conferencing: Highlighting Lesson Recommendations

This session is for all educators that would like to utilize the Lesson Recommendations feature on the teacher dashboard. In this session, you will become familiar with how to investigate individual student data to drive conversations and conferencing for success in the classroom.

December Topic:

Using DreamBox as a Tool for Instruction

This session is for educators that want to learn how to use DreamBox as a resource for instruction. We will be utilizing DreamBox Teacher tools and lessons within DreamBox to support classroom instruction.

Every month:

Coaching Q and A

This is a live opportunity for you to bring any questions that have surfaced this month to get real-time support from the Professional Development Specialists.

Administrator Webinars

The Role of Building Level Leadership with DreamBox Learning:

In this session, building administrators will learn how to strengthen implementation through planning, execution, and a vision for sustained support.

DreamBox Learning Predictive Insights:

In this session, administrators will analyze the data at their schools, focusing on the long-term trends, student standards report, and student growth and proficiency.

Coach Webinars

Ensuring a Successful DreamBox Implementation to Maximize Student Outcomes:

This academic coach session is focused on how to strengthen DreamBox implementation by building a deep understanding of DreamBox Learning and facilitating conversations with educators around DreamBox data.

Using DreamBox Predictive Insights to Support Student Growth:

This academic coach session will be focused on learning how to assist educators with DreamBox data to support student growth and proficiency. Academic coaches will also learn about the DreamBox Predictive Insights and how to track and monitor student progress each month.

On-Demand Learning with DreamBox University 

DreamBox University is a robust library of guided resources designed to provide on-demand professional development opportunities for educators to access when needed, all at their own pace. DreamBox University utilizes interactive videos and activities that model resources and best practices.

With DreamBox University, teachers can gain an initial introduction to DreamBox, develop an understanding of our adaptive engine, and learn best practices to impact long-term student growth and development in mathematics.

You will need this access code the first time you sign up:

Access code: pdsc0021

Sign Up Now

DreamBox University

Logging in to DreamBox

Log in to DreamBox through your district’s Single Sign On. If your district does not have a Single Sign On or you are unable to locate DreamBox, please reach out to your district’s IT department for guidance.

To realize the full benefits of DreamBox, encourage your students to begin completing lessons within the first two weeks of school. This allows DreamBox to generate predictive insights that will inform instruction and propel student growth.

More implementation resources

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