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The beauty of DreamBox is twofold in that it’s engaging and it’s versatile. The virtual manipulatives make learning math feel like a game. At the same time, the Interactive Adaptive Learning technology automatically adapts lessons to meet each student’s capabilities

Summer is ending, and DreamBox is here to help you finish the season with lots of fun! Enjoy the warm weather with some outdoor activities like hosting a water balloon toss, planning a family picnic, and camping under the stars.

As a wave of bright new energy rolls into a brand-new school year, students, parents and education professionals are preparing to unleash growth potential in math. We have some exciting new DreamBox features to share with you! Get ready for

Updated July 22, 2021 The middle school mind is…different. As 13-year-old Logan LaPlante described in his Ted Talk Hack Schooling Makes Me Happy, “Neuroscientists say that the teenage brain is pretty weird: our prefrontal cortex is underdeveloped, but we actually

At DreamBox, we understand that students and educators are more than test scores. Our adaptive technology provides a source of data that we hope you can use to encourage this belief within yourselves and your students. We recognize the past