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As a DreamBox Professional Development Specialist, one of the most common pain points for teachers, regarding student engagement in DreamBox, revolves around students that open and close lessons without completing them. Below are some scenarios of what you can do

October is National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month. During these weeks each year, hundreds of school districts and community organizations across the county unite to raise awareness of bullying in order to prevent it. As dedicated educators, we align with these efforts

Chess is a universal board game language. It constitutes one of the largest communities in the world, engaging players across nearly all continents. We could describe math as a science of patterns. In the game of chess, players study patterns

If you’ve been paying attention to education news lately, you’ve probably noticed that the conversation around technology in the classroom is shifting. When EdTech first burst onto the scene almost three decades ago, access to more technology – devices, broadband

A new school year is underway, and classrooms are getting settled in. The excitement of Back-to-School has found an autumn rhythm as the real hunkering down to work begins. Students are still fresh and ready to learn, and their teachers