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Fall is just around the corner, and DreamBox is here to help you welcome a new season. We have plenty of fun activities on the agenda while the weather is still warm. Enjoy a picnic with friends, go for a

The first two weeks of school are busy. You’re getting into the back-to-school mindset, building classroom community, practicing classroom routines and so much more. You’re also working to understand where students are in their learning and how to facilitate individual growth. Formative assessment is

You’ve likely heard one of your students say, “I’m just no good at math.” It’s an unfortunate mantra that keeps people stuck in a myth. It’s probably not true that the student isn’t good at math. They just haven’t been

According to a study by the Stanford Research Institute, students using DreamBox scored 2.3 points higher on the NWEA assessments with gains equivalent to 5.5 percentile point in 16 weeks. Another statistic shows that by completing just five or more

Congratulations! You’ve decided to homeschool your child(ren). You’ve talked to parents who homeschool, made your pros-and-cons list and envisioned a space in your home transformed into a classroom. You’re also probably overwhelmed and wondering how you’re going to be both parent and teacher, how you’re going to socialize your kid and what they might miss out on.