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While it’s perfectly fine to hit the ice or the slopes over winter break, it’s not okay to let your math skills slide—even for just a week. Minds are like skates, the sharper the better. That’s why we’ve compiled five

Valentine’s Day isn’t just an excuse for kids to spend the day eating candy hearts, it’s the perfect day to remind kids of their love for math! We strongly believe math is all around us, and it’s important to foster

The process of evaluating digital curriculum can be daunting. We asked former school administrator and Senior Vice President of Learning, Dr. Tim Hudson to share tips on how to successfully start the evaluation process. Begin by asking questions Just like

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, that doesn’t mean it isn’t jam packed with activities that remind us that math is all around. February brings a lot to celebrate including the birthday of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell,

A spate of studies over the last decade or so indicate that the mathematics knowledge children develop before entering elementary school is critical to their academic success down the road. In fact, a growing body of research confirms that “early