Designed for teachers, by teachers. DreamBox Learning® Math delivers learning experiences and 2,000+ lessons in ways that excite students, build confidence, and a lifelong love of math.

DreamBox Learning Math and its Intelligent Adaptive Learning technology is researched-based, and fits within the RtI/MTSS model. Sound pedagogy is always the foundation to build conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. Read More

DreamBox helps you differentiate math lessons for each child in your classroom by providing continuous formative assessment in and between lessons, analyzes over 48,000 data points per student, per hour to provide the right next lesson at the right time. Read More

See at-a-glance which strategies students are developing to solve problems, which specific lessons students are choosing and completing, and take advantage of opportunities to intervene or congratulate success. Read More

Our curriculum and instructional designers are National Board Certified teachers who create easy-to-implement ways of supporting the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). Includes: Counting and Cardinality Comparing, Operations, and Algebraic Thinking Number and Operations in Base Ten Number and Operations in Fractions. Read More

Want to try DreamBox Learning Math? Free lessons, games, and lesson plans that are specifically designed for age appropriateness as well as conceptual understanding are ready for you to sample. Read More

Our game-based and visual environment is particularly effective in diverse, multilingual implementations. Early numeracy and fluency are highly motivating, because at-risk students can quickly lose their enthusiasm when they are faced with challenges. Read More

Steps for effective Blended Learning are to: 1. Plan by defining desired outcomes and creating goals 2. Implement programming 3. Measure impact, share best practices, and make commitments 4. Adjust via a continuous improvement cycle and 5. Celebrate successes along the way. Read More

Students engage in algebraic reasoning about concepts such as equivalence and rates of change (slope) while they become skilled at manipulating expressions and solving equations with variables. Read More

Increasing math achievement in growing classrooms

"DreamBox provides students the 1:1 support they need. It’s like having a teaching partner in my classroom."

—Wendy Funk, First Grade Teacher, Penngrove Elementary


DreamBox Implementation

  • An increase in student math achievement by one grade equivalent in 6 months
  • Increase in average grade equivalent score of 1.3 to 2.3.
  • Class improved STAR Math percentile rank by 26 percentile points

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