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I love to integrate DreamBox in my classroom because it adapts to every student's individual needs. It exposes my students to new Spanish vocabulary—especially math vocabulary—which is vital to my dual-language classroom. I'm all for it.

—Francisco Martinez, third-grade teacher, Twain Elementary School


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Download the Solution Sheet in Spanish

DreamBox Learning Math has lessons in both English and Spanish, so students can learn in the way that works best for them to deepen understanding and progress. DreamBox Learning Math in Spanish lessons provide:

Manipulatives and visuals required to build a strong foundation and learn the language of mathematics

Seamless toggling between English and Spanish so students can learn essential mathematics in the language that works best for them.

Curriculum that ensures students are working at an appropriate level of difficulty for their individual level of proficiency and understanding that encourages persistence, practice, and exploration of new concepts.

Ongoing assessment and reporting to ensure teachers have detailed insights on student comprehension to inform instruction