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Find out how students across the U.S. grew 1.58 grade levels in math in 1 year.

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We were blown away by the growth. To have that many students increase their performance level was fantastic. Even more important is the math foundation DreamBox is helping to lay...

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Gina Finnell Ziegler

Kerrick Elementary

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Teacher and Elementary Math Department Chair Susan Kreit shares how DreamBox makes a difference

Hear from Susan Kreit at Fox Chapel Area School District in Pennsylvania, as she describes how her district leverages DreamBox to build a solid math foundation, close gaps, and build math skills. Fox Chapel uses DreamBox district-wide in their elementary school buildings with their K-2 students.
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DreamBox Math can be used in all instructional models; in person, virtual or hybrid learning. Keep students engaged, gain insight into student progress and access reports on classroom, school and district math proficiency.


Proven Efficacy

With a strong rating from ESSA and multiple third-party studies, DreamBox Math is proven to increase student achievement. DreamBox has won more than 40 industry awards and is used by 200,000 teachers and nearly 5 million students in the U.S. and throughout Canada, and Mexico.



"My students absolutely love working with DreamBox. It is truly filling in the missing gaps for some students and stretching others beyond what I can do in the classroom!” Dani Kremer, Fourth Grade Teacher Center Point Urbana Intermediate School

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Why DreamBox?

DreamBox Math sparks math engagement and progress for all learners. It’s the only online K-8 math program designed to adjust to learners’ levels. DreamBox values “mistakes” as starting points by using “in-the-moment” assessment. It uses three types of adaptive learning – assessment, content and sequencing – resulting in increased conceptual understanding, math enjoyment and success. Interested in purchasing DreamBox Math but need to get others on board? Download our 10 Reasons Why DreamBox flyer and share it far and wide.

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