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The comprehensive and extensive data available from DreamBox helps amplify where students are getting stuck or with a foundational concept that they may need to revisit. Our teachers can quickly take a targeted approach to support them.

The amount of growth that I’ve seen with my students who consistently use DreamBox is amazing, even as much as a year’s worth of growth.

I use DreamBox in my classroom as a daily practice for math concepts. They [my students] use it to review math concepts that have been taught in class, provide extra practice, and allow those who enjoy an extra challenge to try trickier math concepts. I love being able to see their growth and where they need extra support. DreamBox has allowed me to see gaps in student learning that I wouldn’t have been aware of before, by [looking at the data in] the Insight Dashboard.

Susan KreitTeacher & Elementary Math Department Chair, Fox Chapel Area School District, PA

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Professional Development

Find out about professional development for teachers

Personalized professional development and on-demand courses help you master new skills and adds more tools to your toolbox. For example, DreamBox MyFlexPD delivers self-paced, on-demand professional development relevant to what students are learning in DreamBox.
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Advanced Reporting

Data that ups your teaching game

Our Insight Dashboard helps you track progress and identify gaps long before test day arrives.
Standards Alignment

Aligned to Your Curriculum and Standards

Rigorous and proven learner-driven curriculum

With real-time access to student progress, it's easy to measure proficiency against standards.
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DreamBox Nation enables you to connect with, learn from, and share best practices with teachers across the country.

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DreamBox is radically transforming the way the world learns. Our math and reading programs take students from where they are to where they want to be.

DreamBox is radically transforming the way the world learns. Our math and reading programs take students from where they are to where they want to be.

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