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Teachers Guide to Home Learning with DreamBox

View information and access tools to help you work closely with family learning guardians for student success.

Steps to Start Home Usage with DreamBox Learning

1. Ensure your students have access to their login information. For student privacy purposes, DreamBox cannot access lost student passwords. Please contact your child’s teacher or school for a password reset.

For schools that log into DreamBox Single Sign-On

For schools that log into DreamBox with a school URL

2. Share the Parent Home Usage Letter (available here) with your students’ parents.

3. Share the Home Learning with DreamBox link with families on district, school, or class webpages.

Partnering with DreamBox for Social-Emotional Learning

With so many changes this year, educators are incorporating Social-Emotional Learning more than ever before. DreamBox has updated features to add additional tools that support SEL and connect you with students through virtual messaging.

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Creating student engagement in a virtual environment

As many shift to remote learning models, traditional teacher engagement strategies have been flipped upside down. Enter online learning, which speaks to a different type of engagement needed. DreamBox Math was built by educators with student engagement top of mind. Learn how our program ensures engagement and discover best practices from DreamBox teachers.

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Contact & Support

Website: DreamBox Support Site

Additional Resources

Self-Managed Math Challenge Guide

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Social-Emotional Learning with DreamBox

(PDF) Teacher Home Use Dashboard Guide – English

(PDF) DreamBox at Home Guide for Parents – English

(PDF) DreamBox at Home Guide for Parents – Spanish