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Ensure Success in Algebra 1

Algebra Readiness

Whether students are on grade-level, require intervention, or are ready for additional challenges, DreamBox Learning® Math empowers teachers to reach, teach, and engage all students in meaningful math learning that prepares them for success in Algebra 1 and beyond.

With DreamBox, students don’t just meet the standards and gain proficiency, they gain the deep learning and comprehension required to be confident mathematicians.

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Understand big ideas in Algebra

Students engage in algebraic reasoning about concepts such as equivalence and rates of change (slope) while they become skilled at manipulating expressions and solving equations with variables.

Gain confidence with integers and rational numbers

Students fluently use fractions, decimals, and integers in expressions and represent them on number lines and the coordinate plane.

Develop fluency with operations and symbols

Students develop speed and accuracy in number facts, so that they can access more complex concepts like order of operations and connecting the equations, tables, and graphs of functions.

Increase engagement

In an age-appropriate and game-like environment, students receive immediate feedback and support that motivates them to persist through obstacles that are challenging but achievable.

Individualize learning

DreamBox continually adapts to each student’s strategies and solutions, and adjusts pace and placement to support progress and proficiency

Empower educators

Actionable data shows student learning against the standards to enable teachers to differentiate instruction and coach each student in-the-moment for immediate results.

Try these sample lessons

The following lessons are currently only compatible on desktop browsers, but available on the Apple iPad app.

Grades 3-5

Multiplication Area Models
Multiplication Area Models
Addition Equations with Unknown Values
Addition Equations with Unknown Values
Order of Operations
Order of Operations

Grades 6-8

Integer Operations
Integer Operations
Rate of Change
Rate of Change
Standard Function
Linear Functions