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30th 5-Star Review This Year—and It’s ONLY July!

‘You like us, you REALLY like us!’

In 1985, actress Sally Fields delivered one of the most-quoted (and often misquoted) Oscar acceptance speeches of all time. After recounting that, more than anything else, she wanted the respect of her peers, Fields gushed, “You like me … you like me!” And, 30+ years later it’s still the stuff memes and gifs are made of—although it’s usually misquoted as, “…you like me, you REALLY like me!”  Either way, respect from our peers on Facebook has us all feeling like Sally Fields today.

Since January of this year, 40 DreamBox users have taken the time to post on our Facebook page, and 30 of them rated DreamBox Learning® Math 5 stars—the highest rating available! Now as mathematicians we love numbers, but we love your comments even more. We’re genuinely moved by your accounts of how DreamBox is touching the daily lives of students and educators alike. In fact, we’re so taken with your posts and the creative ways you’re using DreamBox in the classroom, that we’ve rounded up some of our favorites to share with our blog audience. Enjoy!

“I was introduced to DreamBox Learning last year when I started working as a first grade teacher. I love how personalized it is for my students and that they do not even realize they are learning! Now with the progress monitoring, on demand options, and easier to navigate dashboard I’m able to help my students more. Also I love that they show which standards my students have completed, which they’re struggling on, and which they will be seeing next. Overall, I am really impressed with the program and the progress I’m seeing from my students using the program!” – Terese Wylie, a reading intervention teacher in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

“DreamBox is such a great tool for my kindergarteners to use! I can customize their experience, keep track of their progress, and feel comfortable working with small groups knowing that the rest of my class is engaged in a valuable activity focused on the standards and skills that they need to practice.” – Mackensie Wade, a kindergarten teacher in Milton West, WI

“Our students use DreamBox to supplement our universal curriculum and to provide high quality tasks during our RTI time. I love when kids reference DreamBox models during lessons or use strategies specifically taught in DreamBox. That’s a sign of connection building and conceptual understanding!” – Caitlin Duncan, Milton School District

“DreamBox really provides an easy and efficient way to approach differentiation in the classroom every day! I can see what my students have accomplished and where they need a boost- the program continues to teach what is needed and I can choose to assign a given area or address it in my teaching to the room or to a smaller group of students. I no longer need to evaluate my kids so frequently in order to create small learning groups- I can cluster my kids based on skill ability very easily. I can’t say enough about Dreambox- we love it!” – Lauren Brooks Trimboli, second grade teacher

“I love how students are able to find out how high they can go in each strand. I also love that students can work on different strands at their own pace. How relaxing for kids to know they control the pace. We celebrate their growth and their confidence builds!” – Sandy Kirkman, math & science teacher at Brody Middle School

“I have used DreamBox in my classroom for the past year and a half. I no longer assign homework, but encourage students to complete lessons on DreamBox instead. I love that students are working at the level that is appropriate for them. Gaps are being filled each time a student completes a lesson on DreamBox. Trying to fill gaps and build number sense in students who are several grade levels behind can feel like an impossible task. However, some of that stress has melted away because I know when students are on DreamBox, they are working on high quality lessons and receiving immediate feedback. This means my students are not falling further behind, but are catching up!

Today I was teaching my students how place data on a line plot. They were able to make connections to a very recent lesson they had completed on DreamBox. The students went into the lesson with confidence and excitement. The best part is that students are always thinking back to what they have done in DreamBox when we are working in our math block. It is common to hear “Oh! Kind of like on DreamBox!”

I love this supplemental math program and would highly recommend it to anybody who wants to give their children or students extra support in math.” – Sarah Ruiz, fourth grade teacher at John C Fremont Elementary School

Do you use DreamBox in your classroom? Visit our Facebook page and share your experience!

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