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DreamBox Reading helps students become lifelong readers

From phonics and phonemic awareness to fluency and comprehension, DreamBox Reading ensures students in every grade have the support they need to become proficient readers.
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High school student and teacher using DreamBox Reading

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A comprehensive solution for readers at every level

Use Cases

DreamBox Reading is effective for all types of learners


Advanced Readers

Students at grade level or above can benefit from personalized learning that furthers their reading skills, allowing them to strengthen reading fluency, vocabulary, and more.



DreamBox Reading provides students in need of extra help the right support, the moment they need it. Empowering them to improve skills and gain confidence.


English Learner

English language learners can access personalized instruction that requires no English foundation to get started and builds foundational skills, provides vocabulary practice, improves reading comprehension, and drives literacy skill acquisition.


Extended Learning

Flexible implementation enables students in out-of-school programs to seamlessly access DreamBox Reading for extra support. The solution empowers tutors to close learning gaps and accelerate learning recovery one-or-one or in small groups.


Special Education

DreamBox Reading can support students in special education populations, including students with Dyslexia. The program has been developed with particular attention to the issues and challenges related to the physical act of reading text.


Summer Learning

Fast setup and implementation allows students to start learning recovery on accelerated timelines, and highly-adaptive instruction ensures meaningful learning regardless of teachers’ bandwidth or subject-area experience.

Insights and resources for you

Learn more about how DreamBox creates reading success with helpful resources.

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Administrators/Case Study

Holman Middle School students see impressive reading improvement with DreamBox Reading

By working with students at their skill levels, teachers have seen huge gains in their reading, confidence and motivation to reach their goals. At the same time, giving students a wide range of reading materials to choose from keeps them coming back for more.
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Administrators/Case Study

Lindsay Unified School District


Most tested, least taught: What is silent reading fluency and how can educators help students master this critical skill?

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