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DreamBox Reading helps students become lifelong readers

From phonics and phonemic awareness to fluency and comprehension, DreamBox Reading ensures students in every grade have the support they need to become proficient readers.

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New! Reading PreK-2

Personalized foundational reading instruction

DreamBox Reading Park combines DreamBox Learning’s Intelligent Adaptive Learning engine with a research-based PreK–2 pedagogy, creating a program that develops phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, and fluency skills.

  • Unparalleled adaptivity: The program interprets student learning in the moment and fine-tunes instruction regardless of whether the student soars or struggles with lessons.
  • Address learning in the moment: Continuous embedded assessment analyzes each student’s engagement across key foundational skills and concepts. It adjusts the sequence of lessons to ensure students master these skills.
  • Engaging pathways: Students remain engaged with tasks and questions that are personalized to meet their learning needs.
  • Research-based curriculum: The program meets the foundational reading standards for K–2 and provides lessons to support phonological awareness.
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Reading 3-12

Personalized silent reading instruction

DreamBox Reading Plus is an adaptive, personalized learning solution that targets instruction and scaffolding to improve silent reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and motivation for students in grades 3–12.

  • Personalized guided practice: Improve fluency with the DreamBox Reading Guided Window. This tool reveals text at the rate each student reads, scaffolding the silent reading process so students focus on comprehension.
  • Motivate and engage learners: Offer students agency with a comprehensive library that empowers them to explore their interests and discover the experiences of others.
  • Quickly differentiate instruction: - Access integrated teaching tools, video tutorials, writing prompts and lesson plans to support direct instruction and differentiation.
  • Access actionable insights: - Robust data reports track student progress, inform instructional planning and connect students with secondary resources.
  • Impact learning: - DreamBox Reading is proven effective. Students can achieve 2.5 years of growth in just 60 hours of personalized instruction.

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DreamBox Reading is effective for all types of learners

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