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A little bird told us you’re loving the Math Challenge

DreamBox classrooms are tweeting their totals—and more!

As we enter the final week of the Math Challenge, our social media mentions are spiking—and so are the number of DreamBox lessons completed from coast-to-coast! Teachers and students from everywhere are getting their game on and sharing the excitement with learning communities across the country via social media, using the hashtag #DBLChallenge.

If you’re a district leader, consider taking a page out of Maury County’s book and tweet your support to area schools participating in the Math Challenge. It’s a fun way to foster team spirit, encourage greater participation, and recognize the hard work of educators and students in your district.

Lots of math teachers have taken to Twitter too, cheering their classrooms on, calling out top achievers, and celebrating mini milestones. Some teachers are even using social media to nudge their students to complete extra lessons on the weekend.

Speaking of logging more lessons, here are some of the highlights you shared with us on Twitter:

  • Hancock’s class posted a picture of their whiteboard one day into the competition, with 111 total lessons completed!
  • A kindergarten student from Spring Hill Elementary School, home of the L’il Raiders, topped the leaderboard in week 1 by completing an incredible 105 lessons!
  • The Bermudian Springs Elementary School in Pennsylvania managed to complete some 2,071 lessons in just 3 days!
  • Even Harry Potter from Hogwarts (AKA Harriet Tubman Public School) made an appearance in our Twitter feed! Here he is acing his bar graph lesson:

Keep up the awesome work everybody and keep posting your achievements! We’re in the home stretch. If you haven’t checked the leaderboard lately, we update it weekly. Here’s the link. Good luck to you all! Have Fun!

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