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What’s New in DreamBox

New product features including updated reports and lesson features for increased student engagement

In following through on our promise to continuously innovate and provide actionable insight into student learning, we are excited to share our latest enhancement to DreamBox. Don’t take our word for how cool it is. Login and experience it for yourself!

Be part of DreamBox Nation™

Created for educators like you, DreamBox Nation is an online community dedicated to improving student learning with DreamBox Learning® Math. From your Insight Dashboard, you can connect with other educators, and get a direct line to the DreamBox team to provide feedback. As you participate, you’ll gain status and earn special rewards that have been designed with you in mind.

“I love being a part of DreamBox Nation. It’s awesome seeing tips from other educators and hearing stories of success!” Jennifer | Grade 4 Math Teacher

Log in to your Dashboard to check it out.

Long-term assignments to help close learning gaps

Using Assignments, educators can create Long-Term Assignments that present a student with lessons in a specified standard or cluster for a set time, or until they meet the standard(s). The data collected from a student’s progress in a Long-Term Assignment is organized in a Progress Report. Learn more about Long-Term Assignments.

Track Goals with Progress Monitoring

Automatic progress reports available in Assignments make it easy to monitor and respond to student learning against short-term and long-term goals. Teachers can see student proficiency levels on the lessons completed and can track if learning goals will be met. This report provides actionable data teachers need to support instruction and intervention efforts.

Read the full support article for more details.

Gain Deeper Insight with the Student Overview Report

The Student Overview Report provides thorough and illustrated information on an individual student’s usage and progress in DreamBox. The grid view illustrates a student’s proficiency in standards across all grade levels. Below the grid is more detailed information that highlights where they may need attention, lessons in progress, and lesson groups in which they are proficient. When a student completes a lesson group, you can print letters to learning guardians describing what their student has accomplished. Included in the letters are ideas for how to extend math learning outside of classroom.

This is a great report to print and share with parents to give them a comprehensive snapshot of their child’s success with DreamBox. Use the Print All feature to bulk print the overview report for your class. Learn more about the Student Overview.

Use the License Utilization Report to Drive Increased Usage

Find out if your DreamBox investment is being maximized. District and school administrators can review the number of the licenses being utilized in their district or school. To view the report, click the Licenses tab at the top of your Dashboard.  Here you’ll find the total number of classes and students using DreamBox licenses. Additionally, you can see the number of individual students who have logged in over the past 60 days.

Learn more about the Licenses view.

 Benefit from New Classification Lessons

We recently added exciting new lessons to the DreamBox curriculum that help students understand how to classify geometric figures. These lessons expand our existing geometry content in the upper elementary grades and engage students in deeper thinking about attributes and hierarchical relationships. For more information about our pedagogical approach and innovative virtual manipulative for these lessons, click here to read a blog post from one of our DreamBox Curriculum Designers.

Track Progress against New Standards

New state standards alignments are available for Florida, Nebraska, and Missouri. Now educators can create standards-aligned assignments and track student learning progress. Learn more about how to switch between academic standards.

Coming Soon! Student Goal Tracking – Weekly Lesson Count

Many of you have asked for a feature that allows students to know how many lessons they have completed each week on Dreambox.  We heard your feedback and are now providing students with easy access to their weekly lesson count from their lesson chooser. Students can report on the number of lessons they have completed at the end of the school week.

K-2 Learning Environment

When the student completes a lesson, they will see the lesson icon animate as it normally does, and now their avatar in the left hand corner will animate as well. Students can click on their avatar at any time when they are in their adventure map to see the number of lessons they have completed.

3-5 Learning Environment

In the 3-5 learning environment we added Progress Panel to the lesson chooser. When a student completes a lesson the progress panel will automatically slide out and increment the number of lessons they have completed. Students can also click on the green tab on the right hand side of their screen at any time to slide out the progress panel and view their weekly lesson count.

6-8 Learning Environment

We leveraged the existing Progress panel and added the weekly lesson count. When a student completes a lesson the progress panel will automatically slide out and increment the number of lessons they have completed. Students can also click on the blue tab on the right-hand side of their lesson chooser screen at any time to slide out the progress panel and view their weekly lesson count.

Log in Student Lesson Card

From the Roster tab, teachers will be able to print out your students’ DreamBox log in information with a click.

Access Professional Development When and Where You Need It Most

Professional Development OnDemand is moving into the Insight Dashboard. Educators can choose from a catalog of courses and breadth of topics designed to help them refine their instructional practice. What’s more, DreamBox will surface recommended courses, within their reports, based on what their students are learning.

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