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We’re thrilled to announce an exciting addition to DreamBox for students in grades 3-8.  By now your students have noticed our new Student Weekly Goals feature.  This new feature motivates students to complete the target of 5 lessons each week

STEMworks provides educators in organizations across the country with a searchable and cataloged database of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning programs. To join the ranks of this esteemed roster, a program has to adhere to certain design principles

Three leaders in finance, marketing outreach, and experience design have joined the DreamBox team to build out new initiatives for our Intelligent Adaptive Learning platform. They bring deep technical expertise in their fields. And these remarkable individuals have also committed

I’m excited to share our upcoming seasonal fun release, starting October 8th.  On that date, students who log in to DreamBox will be treated to some fall-themed fun and more. Blinking owls and pumpkin-spiced beverages, oh my! K–2 kids will

Back by popular demand, we have dug up a three-part blog series from 2012 where our very own Dr. Tim Hudson explains that at times, helping your students through a tough problem may not be the best approach. Read on