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Individualized Homeschool Math Curriculum

A homeschooler's guide to math learning
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Many parents struggle with finding a homeschool math curriculum that’s both engaging and challenging. Many homeschooling math curricula offer a dry, one-size-fits-all approach. Not DreamBox Learning©! DreamBox Learning offers homeschooling families an individualized, robust math-learning curriculum that’s highly engaging so children will be motivated to play and learn. And it has a parent dashboard so you can check your child’s progress throughout the curriculum.

A robust math learning adventure

DreamBox Learning Math is an effective, completely individualized online math curriculum, made highly engaging so children will be motivated to play and learn.

  • Makes math lessons fun and interactive to engage and motivate kids
  • Online parent dashboard reports your child’s progress in real time
  • Features printable Achievement Certificate and other rewards along the adventure
  • Over 1,300 lessons built on the Common Core State Standards
  • Completely individualized learning develops math fundamentals; in-depth focus on Number Sense and Computation

Completely individualized to the needs of each student

DreamBox learning provides over a million different paths through the curriculum, based on a student’s interests and needs! Unlike other math learning products, DreamBox looks beyond right or wrong answers. Simply getting the answer right isn’t enough. How quickly did a student answer? Did he need extra hints to get the answer? Did she improve?

I highly recommend this program for anyone who homeschools… I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Insanity & Bliss homeschooling mom

Based on this data, our Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ engine adapts the problem or lesson difficulty, the number and type of hints given, lesson pacing and sequence, instructional tools, and many other aspects of the experience. In real time. Placement lessons throughout the adventures assess students’ knowledge, so they can skip what they know and focus on what they’re ready to learn.

DreamBox helps parents teach homeschool math

At DreamBox, we provide a broad range of parent supports for teaching math. You’ll also get a parent account when you sign up your children, so you can experience DreamBox first hand. Your parent dashboard gives you a real-time view of your child’s progress and detailed descriptions of the math concepts your child is learning. And you’ll receive an email whenever your child achieves an important academic milestone, describing the math concept and suggesting activities you can do together to practice the math skill your child has been learning.

DreamBox has been adopted in thousands of classrooms

DreamBox Learning has been adopted in schools throughout North America and around the world. And teachers are crediting DreamBox with helping kids across the spectrum learn math — from intervention students to those needing acceleration and enrichment. According to 2nd grade teacher Kathleen Marshall, “DreamBox Learning is one of the most effective programs I have seen in my 42 years of teaching. Children’s skill levels are individually assessed in number sense and computation, and each child is placed at the appropriate level for growth and success. This level of sophistication is unheard of, and they are excited each day to play it again. And, more importantly, it’s working! I saw a student who previously was struggling in math begin to make progress and gain confidence for the first time, saying ‘I can do math!'”

Proven effective and affordable

Independent research has shown DreamBox to be highly effective. An SRI study found students who received additional online math instruction from DreamBox Learning scored an average of 2.3 points higher on tests than students who didn’t receive the additional DreamBox Learning instruction, gains equivalent to progressing 5.5 points in percentile ranking in just 16 weeks. You can read more about this and other studies here. Compared to other homeschool curriculum choices, DreamBox is very affordable and it comes with a money-back guarantee. Families can even try it free to see how well it fits their students’ needs.

Best of all, DreamBox makes math learning fun!

Independence, engagement, and learning success are what homeschooling is all about, and the best curriculum choices reflect that. DreamBox achieves the right balance of learning and fun. Students enjoy two age-appropriate, fun, and motivating learning environments. To enhance learning, students use virtual manipulatives rather than just clicking on an answer. And like a good teacher, DreamBox encourages and cheers students on. As they progress, kids earn rewards for both effort and academic achievement.

What do other homeschooling families have to say?

“DreamBox is a great way to teach without worksheets, without pencils, without lectures. The learning is intuitive, the rewards are integrated, and the software is fun!”
Little Blue School homeschooling mom

“I am very impressed… I am going to be using DreamBox for my math curriculum this coming year.”
Our 7 Qtpies homeschooling mom