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Individualized Homeschool Math Curriculum

DreamBox Learning offers homeschooling families an individualized, robust math-learning curriculum that's highly engaging so children are motivated to play and learn.

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Why DreamBox

Homeschooling offers your children the personalized one-on-one instruction that you know is effective, honoring unique learning styles and upping engagement by tapping into your kid’s interests. DreamBox shares this same passion for individualized learning offering, making for the perfect partner in your daily math routine. With multiple grade levels and family plan options, we make it easier than ever to support math learning for all your children.

Proven Effectiveness

Awarded Best Math Learning Solution in 2019 by EdTech Breakthrough Awards, DreamBox is shown by multiple independent research studies to positively impact student outcomes. Results from a Harvard University study indicate that students who use DreamBox for just 60 minutes a week can improve their math scores by nearly 60%. Learn more about the research behind DreamBox here.

Track Progress

DreamBox Provides comprehensive dashboards with information that highlight important learning milestones and identify gaps in understanding. This allows you to better prepare lessons specific to your child. Learn more about our dashboards below. Learn more about our dashboards below.

Interactive, Engaging + Student-Driven

Every time a child logs into DreamBox, they are immersed in an interactive world of math where learning is FUN! Students are completely independent on our programs, giving you a break from teaching while your children continue learning!


K-8 Programs For Every Learner

DreamBox is an award-winning, online K-8 math program that is both engaging and proven to boost your child’s math performance. Our program dynamically adapts to each individual learner based on in-the-moment analysis of math strategies they use and how they approach problems, meaning children get the right content at the right time and formative assessment happens as they are learning. This allows homeschool parents to identify gaps in understanding and leverage DreamBox to complement home instruction for the ultimate student growth. Whether your learner is a math whiz looking for an extra challenge or needs help filling in some gaps, DreamBox is meaningful screen-time that your child will love!

How DreamBox Works

DreamBox Math analyzes every strategy, action, and concept children use as they interact with lessons to determine how they are solving problems and adjusts instruction accordingly. This provides every child with the individualized instruction they need to thrive and complements your homeschool curriculum with rigorous programs. 100% of our programs are available in Spanish!

Try Lessons

Homeschooling Parents, We’re Here to Help You Lesson Plan with your Parent Teacher Dashboards!

Our parent teacher dashboard translates student data into information and insights that are instantly available, actionable, and easy to interpret. Simplifying your planning while simultaneously providing your child with engaging math programs, our data monitors milestones in growth and pinpoints gaps in understanding. With student certificates to celebrate, children stay motivated and you can monitor progress.

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Trusted & Loved by Parents & Teachers

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We might have to buy another laptop! When my son gets on DreamBox, he doesn't want to get off. I love how the gaps in his skills have been identified and are being filled in. I can breathe a sigh of relief.

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Amy L.
Homeschool Parent

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DreamBox is such a fun platform for learning math for my kids. We have been using it for three years, sometimes as a primary resource and sometimes as a supplement to another program. Even when choosing another program we keep the DreamBox subscription as a "go to" when the kids are feeling less motivated for book work.

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Homeschool Parent

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Our family does not use a lot of technology. But what we do, I make sure it adds value to our life. Dream box is a great practice tool not for math facts but for the concepts behind the math. I highly recommend.”

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Jackie G.
Homeschool parent

Getting Started

Homeschool Subscriptions

Want to test-drive DreamBox before committing to a subscription? Sign up for our FREE 14 day trail (no obligation).

Family Plan:

  • Lifetime subscription: $225
  • 12 month subscription: $149.95
  • 6 month subscription: $99.95
  • 1 month subscription: $19.95

Don’t have multiple children? No problem. We have an Individual Plan too:

  • Lifetime subscription: $150
  • 12 month subscription: $99.95
  • 6 month subscription: $59.95
  • 1 month subscription: $12.95

Logging In

Once you’ve created your account, you can login at Please Note: it may take up to 2 hours after initial signup to generate your comprehensive dashboard.

Device Compatibility

Students can use DreamBox on a desktop, laptop, or iPad, and student progress will be synced across all devices. Please note that DreamBox Learning is currently not compatible with the Android operating system and is not supported on any mobile devices. Read More.

DreamBox Recommends

5+ Lessons

per week for all grade levels

Studies show students who complete five or more lessons per week experience more learning growth than their peers who complete fewer.

Test Drive DreamBox!

DreamBox offers three unique, age optimized environments. All 2,300+ lessons are compatible with each environment, allowing any student to move forward, or fill in gaps within the same familiar space.

Try Grades K-2 Environment

Try Grades 3-5 Environment

Try Grades 6-8 Environment

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