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Math and literacy. Better together. Learn about exciting updates for back-to-school 2022.

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Watch now to learn more about exciting updates for back-to-school 2022.

Teacher and student using DreamBox

New back-to-school ’22 features coming soon

At DreamBox, we understand the stress teachers have been under this past year. To make teachers’ lives easier, we offer our SEL, student motivation, reporting, and other helpful new features. New content supports a variety of learning environments including in-person, virtual and hybrid models. Check out the exciting updates we’ve made to DreamBox Math and Reading.

For Administrators

Student usage custom date range

Access usage data with ease

Student usage custom date range

You asked, we listened. Educators can choose the date range when viewing the Student Usage Report. They’ll see total lessons completed since the start of the year and can select specific time periods to view student usage. This report is designed to provide educators with information to support their students. 

Administrator Standards Report

Get a district and schoolwide view of standards proficiency

Administrator Standards Report

Our new standards report will offer district and school administrators deep insight into student standards growth on DreamBox.  

Administrators will be able to: 

  • See grade-level performance and below or above grade-level performance 

  • View students’ standard proficiency 

  • Filter by rostered grade and grade-level standards 

  • Measure DreamBox’s impact year-round 

For Teachers

Lesson highlights

Watch students’ thinking in action

Lesson Highlights

For our advanced customers, Lesson Highlights gives teachers never-before-seen insights into how students solve problems and respond to challenges on DreamBox. 

This exciting new feature enables teachers to: 

  • Watch slideshows of student play 

  • Review student play to identify common themes and inform small group instruction  

  • Talk through a student’s thought process and strategies while watching side-by-side with them 

Enhanced DreamBox Predictive Insights

Understand each student’s needs more quickly and with greater accuracy

Enhanced DreamBox Predictive Insights

DreamBox captures student thinking, which gives educators insight to support students and respond to emerging gaps. The Predictive Insights updates for our advanced customers include: 

  • Predictions about proficiency achievement in grade-level standards 

  • Weekly insights  

  • Proficiency predictions for grades 6-8  

Social-emotional learning (SEL) resources

Help students become confident readers as they develop awareness of the world around them

Social-emotional learning (SEL) resources

DreamBox Reading’s new SEL resources support your SEL curriculum. They provide a reading/writing connection among SEL competencies, DreamBox Reading content and classroom learning objectives. These new resources help students develop:​ 

  • Relationship skills​ 

  • Responsible decision-making​ 

  • Self-awareness​ 

  • Self-management​ 

  • Social awareness 

DreamBox Reading curriculum based SEL resources align with the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) SEL competencies.  

For Students

New middle school lesson

100% of algebra-ready major clusters for grades 6 - 8

New middle school lessons

This fall, DreamBox will address 100% of Algebra Ready Major Clusters for Grade 6-8​. With hundreds of possible personalized learning paths, these new Middle School lesson include:

  • Parallels, Transversals, Angles and Triangles​

  • Rules of Exponents​

  • Radicals​

  • Equivalent Expressions​

  • Analyzing Variables​

  • Word Problems​

DreamBox is also expanding Predictive Insights in grades 6-8, making it a rich predictor of student success for Middle School.

Student Achievements and Stats

Help students feel more engaged and excited about what’s to come

Student Achievements and Stats

Students asked, we listened. Our new achievement and stats pages will draw students into their own learning process. Watch their self-esteem and confidence grow with each new achievement. 

Achievements and Stats enable students to: 

  • Track their learning and progress toward goals 

  • See achievements, lesson history and statistics, such as Week Streaks 

  • Reflect on their learning 

  • Have an increased ability to talk to teachers about their math goals 

Current features

Teacher and student messaging in DreamBox reading

Messaging supports social-emotional learning

Teachers can send custom notes or prewritten messages of encouragement, goals or reminders to an individual or entire class. Students can initiate conversations and reply to their teacher by choosing from prewritten messages such as, “I need more time to be successful at this,” or “I’m feeling pretty good about this.” Students can also react to messages with an emoji for a quick check-in. Plus, students using DreamBox in Spanish will see all prewritten messages in Spanish, and messages can be read aloud to support all reading levels.  

Week streak goals dashboard

Week Streak

Week Streak and weekly session time metrics help students monitor and celebrate reaching their DreamBox goals. Students can track their own session time, weekly time and number of completed lessons. Plus, the Week Streak counter can help students reach their usage goals week after week by tracking their longest streak. 

DreamBox University live webinars

Free, live PD webinars

All DreamBox schools and districts have access to the new Getting Started with DreamBox professional learning sessions from DreamBox University. These complimentary offerings include self-paced minicourses and a live webinar calendar to support educators with onboarding and implementation. Get these resources from the Insight Dashboard by selecting DreamBox University Courses or Live Training Sessions within DreamBox Quick Links. 

About DreamBox curriculum

DreamBox math student


DreamBox Math curriculum is designed around research-based learning pathways. A learning pathway is a trajectory of concepts, ideas and models within a larger mathematical concept, such as addition and subtraction. For every concept or skill, DreamBox engages students first with conceptual sense-making experiences (our virtual manipulatives). From there, it empowers students to create self-directed learning pathways and activate prior knowledge as they develop mental and procedural fluency. 

DreamBox literacy student


DreamBox Reading provides an integrated reading intervention program for all learners. The program includes an adaptive assessment, personalized instruction and practice, and easily accessible resources that enable teachers to meet the needs of every student. As students work to develop the skills and stamina required for extended reading with good comprehension, they will be presented with personalized scaffolding to build independent reading skills. Automatically customized lesson features include content level, reading rate, opportunities to reread text and interspersed questions. Students who demonstrate mastery are progressed to increasingly higher levels of practice and instructional rigor. 

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