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What's New!

Our new features bring new content and support a variety of learning environments including in-person, all virtual, and hybrid models.

New Insights from the past, present, and future

The updated Insight Dashboard includes a new Student Usage Report to provide educators with daily insight into student activity and learning time.

Our new growth report allows district and school administrators to see how students have grown in terms of externally calibrated grade level benchmarks.

DreamBox Predictive Insights reports predict future proficiency for year-end state math assessments throughout the year.

DreamBox now includes Messaging features on the homepage for classroom educators. These tools help teachers continue to support students' social and emotional learning as they are working in DreamBox.

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Partnering with DreamBox helped make remote learning possible in the spring and provided our school with a full view of our students’ math learning competency. These new tools will be necessary for continuing our efforts to address attendance and each student’s learning needs.

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Kim Dougherty, Teacher
Crow Creek Tribal School

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Messaging tools that connect students and teachers

Teachers can send custom notes or pre-written messages of encouragement, goals, or reminders to an individual student or an entire class.

Students can initiate their own conversations and reply to their Teacher by choosing from pre-written messages such as, “I need more time to be successful at this,” and “I’m feeling pretty good about this.” Students can also react to messages with an emoji for a quick check in.

To support more situations, students using DreamBox in Spanish will automatically see all pre-written messages in Spanish, and students with reading difficulties can hear messages read aloud.

Math Lessons that Promote Critical Thinking

Using a new interactive word problems tool for lessons on Unlike Fractions, students have a powerful way to engage in mathematical processes and practices in order to connect words and numbers to equations and concepts.

New lessons on Area and Perimeter present these foundational geometric and measurement concepts in an engaging and visual format. In these lessons, students build a conceptual understanding of the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes and apply those concepts using equation-building and comparisons.

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Flexible Keyboard

DreamBox now includes an on-screen keyboard made just for math that can be accessed by students on any supported device.

The keyboard is flexible and shows just the right type of input options (numbers, operators, etc.) for each lesson, removing distractions and minimizing the screen space used by the keyboard.

Building Math Confidence

We believe a positive mindset goes a long way. Students build math confidence as they strengthen their social-emotional skills— skills that include grit, perseverance and goalsetting. As many schools engage in distance learning this Fall, DreamBox is here to support you and your learners.

Tips for Parents

Tips for Teachers

Florida BEST Math Standards Alignment

Reports in the Insight Dashboard and Family Dashboard now show students’ learning progress towards the new Florida BEST math standards, making it easy for Florida Educators and learning guardians/parents who started using these new standards to view data in student progress in the context that matters to them.

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Everyday Mathematics Alignment

DreamBox has an updated alignment for Everyday Math 4th edition, which helps teachers using the print program make assignments for students in DreamBox that align to the chapter being studied.

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